HPEP Board Meeting

August 2016

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill

Meeting called to order by Kinky_Cajun @ 6:02PM, August 7, 2016

In Attendance

Board Members present:

Kinky_Cajun – Chairman

VintageKinkyDoll – Secretary

Luluann – Treasurer

Willing84 – Membership Coordinator

Minnylynx – Charity Coordinator

DomKoz – Education Coordinator

Aide-de- camp – SIG Coordinator

Quorum met – 7 of 7 Board Members were present

A total of 4 members in attendance.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous meeting in July were read and approved.


SIG Coordinator Report

HELL – 3 present,

Switches – unk present,

Sub Support – 28 present,

TSK – 11 present,

LoneStar Leather – 9 present,

Newcomer’s Report

– July 17 th – 11 new members present

– August 3 rd – 8 new members present

Charity Report

July’s charity was ADVA. The Dom auction, collected $1178 for ADVA. We used the cash to

purchase hygiene items and made 50 full bags for the charity. Items were delivered in the club’s

name on July 28 th .

August’s charity will be Houston Back to School school suppy drive.

Head DM Report

No incidents to report

Acting Head DM – Dominous

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance: $4265.00

Bills: $2124.76

Deposits: $2405.00

Final Balance: $4467.14

Old Business

1) Educational Munches

Hosted by HPEP on the third Saturday of each month from 3-5pm. DomKoz will let us

know what topics to be discussed as they come up. August 20 th , will be the first munch and

will be an introduction to the SIGs.

2) Membership Lists

Willing84 and VintageKinkyDoll will be working on compiling the membership from sign-in

sheets at all Newcomer’s Munches and orientations given at some of the SIG meetings.

3) Newcomer’s Books

The sub-committee put together the book and submitted it to the board for review. Kinky_Cajun

will review for the final approval and we will publish, replacing the previous document for the

Newcomer’s munch.

4) HCC Meeting Recap

Next month will be important for the first sets of details for LUEY. Willing84 will let us know

what is going on.

New Business

1) Executive Session 1


1) Party Food

Food – VintageKinkyDoll & minnylynx & aide_de_camp

Drinks – Kinky_Cajun

Ice – Kinky_Cajun

Door – VintageKinkyDoll

Setup & Walk through – Kinky_Cajun

Orientations – Willing84

2) Executive Session 2


3) Executive Session 3


4) Curtains & Privacy @ Parties

No curtains can be closed at any party, preventing a clear view of the dungeon to any DM or

Board Member. This is to ensure safety and security of the members in attendance.

5) Board Member coverage @ Parties

Last month we had a few board members who left early and left the party with less than half

coverage. A schedule for early arrival and mid-party arrival was discussed and put into place for

the next few parties.

October will have to be discussed as it grows closer.

6) August Party details

No demo will be held this month. All details for food, deco, DM coverage and door discussed


The sign in boards are being used, but we need to continue to ask people if they signed up and

watch if people are going over the time slot while other members are waiting.

7) September Party details

We will discuss the fine details of this party via email or at the next board meeting.



Meeting Closed

Kinky_Cajun asked if any further business was to come before the board – none proposed.

Kinky_Cajun closed the meeting at 7:35PM