Board Meeting

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill

Meeting called to order by Kinky_Cajun @ 5:14PM, May 15, 2016


In Attendance

Board Members present:

-Kinky_Cajun – Chairman

-VintageKinkyDoll – Secretary

-Luluann – Treasurer

-HellKittenJ – Membership Coordinator

-LadyAurora – Education Coordinator

-Minnylynx – SIG Coordinator

Quorum met – 6 of 6 Board Members were present

A total of 2 members in attendance.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous board meeting in April were read and approved.


SIG Coordinator Report

SubSupport – 27 present – “Vetting”

Switches – 9 present – “open discussion”


HELL – unkown present – “The Punishment of Anne”

LoneStar Leather – 7 present “Leather Protocols”

Newcomer’s Report

2 newcomers munches this month and they have gone very well.

 April 6 th – 9 new members present

 April 17 th – 22 new members present

 May 4 th – 3 new members present

Charity Report

Charity of the month was HopeStone Inc. Cash received was $270.00, VintageKinkyDoll

purchased different items for the charity and delivered them in the club’s name.

May’s Charity is Houston Military PTSD Clinic. All funds and items will be collected at the

upcoming party on May 28 th and distributed through the purchase of needed items.

Head DM Report

 had a scene block numerous play stations

 no injuries or reports

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance: $4387.13

Bills: $765.32

Deposits: $775.00

Final Balance. $4926.81

Old Business

1) Black & Blue Weekend Event

a) Demos

Setup with 12 stations, to be used for demonstrations in:

 Needles – Korwin

 Rhythmic Caning – Stephen (of StephenandLeslie)

 Breath play – Lady A

 Flogging – HKJ

 Violet Wand and Electrical Play – Marla

 Fire Play – Girru

 Rope – SpaceKingBigNuts

 Clothespins & Zipper lines – Kinky_Cajun

 Spanking – SirJames41

 Piercing – TravisWilson

 Mummification – LordByron

 Whip – FloggerSteve

VKD will add thread will be added to Fet once May’s Party is over

b) Schedule

 Friday – “Black & Blue Kick Off Party” with our National Presenter, Travis Wilson

 Saturday – “Kinky Christmas in June” vendor fair 4-7:45pm

 Saturday – “A Taste of Kink Demo Party” 8-11pm demo party, 11-2 open play

 Sunday – Presentations by WolfMoon73 “Boot Blacking” and by TravisWilson

“Communication in a Scene” 12-1:30PM

 Sunday – “Year End Closeout Play Party” 1:30-5PM

 Sunday – Elections 5-6PM

 Sunday – Election Announcements @ 6:30PM

c) Meals

 Friday – black & blue themed food and beverages – prepared by VKD and minny

 Saturday – Regular party food, finger foods and prepared dishes by each board


 Sunday – breakfast and brunch foods, small finger foods – prepared by VKD and


d) Print Materials

 Foam board has been ordered for event

 Foam board for club rules has been ordered

 Eventbrite ticket site has been set up and is accepting purchases. VKD will update

the board weekly with how many have been purchased. Luluann will update the

board with money intake through purchases.

 Bracelets have been lost/destroyed in the mail, we need to order new ones

2) FetLife HPEP Group

 Deadline was extended to May 15 th to copy, delete and catalog all posts for club business.

All personals, event reminders and cross posts were deleted as Fet keeps all event pages.

 1129 original posts, 780 deleted so far. 148 have been catalogued.


Kinky_Cajun called a break at 5:51PM

Board session called back to order at 5:57PM

New Business

1) Expenses for B&BW

a. Food – there will be three meals cooked for this event. Friday and Sunday will be

prepared by VKD and minny. Saturday’s meal will be hosted by the HPEP

Board. Each of us will bring a dish and side item.

b. Flights – flights have been purchased for Travis and Amy. They will be arriving

on Thursday and then leave the following Sunday (jul 3)

c. Print materials – all print materials have been purchased and are ready to go for

the party

d. Bracelets – the company sent these bracelets through FedEx which then passed

them off to USPS. USPS marked them delivered, however they were not

received. All information has been turned over to Kinky_Cajun for him to talk to

the company and get new bracelets.

e. Parking/Shuttle – HellKittenJ will check into parking lots, signing up volunteers

to do a shuttle service and security for the cars in the parking lots

2) Elections, Nominations and Accepted nominations so far

Nominations are due by May 28 th

As of right now, the members running and eligible are:

Kinky_Cajun – Chairman

VintageKinkyDoll – Secretary

Luluann – Treasurer

Minnylynx – at large

Sentimental soul – at large

Firebird – at large

3) May party

a. Food will be handled by VKD

b. DM shifts will be filled by KC, acting as Head DM

c. Music will be updated by KC

d. Demo – tracilynn and Left_Hook will be providing an interactive demo on

humiliation “truth or dare”

4) Election Committee for event

We will ask Firebird, Girru and TexasLady4You to act as election counters and


5) Banning policies



Motion: Check all written records and minutes for a list of members banned, expelled and

suspended from HPEP membership since 2007. PASSED

Motion: VintageKinkyDoll

2 nd : HellKittenJ

VintageKinkyDoll will review all threads, minutes and printed materials and provide the board

with a list at June’s party for expelled, banned and suspended members.



**Closed Meeting**

Kinky_Cajun asked if any further business was to come before the board. None proposed.

Kinky_Cajun closed the meeting at 6:38PM