Elections Rules

• Attend at least 4 group events in the 6 months prior to announcement of candidacy. “Events” include: HPEP munches, HPEP Board Meetings, HPEP Monthly Parties or HPEP SIG events.
• Be 21 years or older
• Must submit written intent, in the Official HPEP Group’s “20??-20?? Board of Directors Election” thread, at least 30 days  before the elections to be held on June ??, 20??.
• Candidates must be present at the election meeting. If absent, their name shall be stricken from the ballot.
• No two people who may have undue influence over one another shall serve on the Board of Directors at the same time. “undue influence” includes but is not limited to:
a. Married, engaged or living with
b. In any D/s relationship with,
c. Under the protection of or protecting,
d. In a leather family, pack, poly group, rope family or house with
e. Familial relation (blood relative)

• Candidates may be nominated by any club member, in good standing by sending an email to board@hpep.org
• All nominations must be received by the HPEP Board, at least 30 days prior to the elections on June ??.

• Candidates that are running for Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, will run for that specific position.
• If a candidate runs for Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, and does not get elected to that position, they are then able to run for one of the four (4) General Board positions instead.
• The election will be done in two sections:
a. Section 1 – Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. In the case of a tie, an immediate runoff will be held.
b. Section 2 – election of the four remaining General Board positions.
• Election votes will be accepted via anonymous ballot, issued June ?? @?:???M

• In order to vote, the membership criteria must have been met prior to the date of the Annual Membership Election Meeting (June ??, 20??).
• Only members physically present will be eligible to vote for the Board Candidates.
• Whichever candidate for the offices of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer that receives the most votes will be voted into that position.
• If the positions of Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer are not filled, then a special Membership Meeting must be called to allow for a secondary vote on the unfilled position. The newly elected board will set the time and location of the special meeting.