Board Meeting

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill

Meeting called to order by Kinky_Cajun @ 5:19PM, April 3, 2016


In Attendance

Board Members present:

-Kinky_Cajun – Chairman

-VintageKinkyDoll – Secretary

-Luluann – Treasurer

-HellKittenJ – Membership Coordinator

-Minnylynx – SIG Coordinator

Quorum met – 5 of 6 Board Members were present

A total of 3 members in attendance.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous board meeting in March were read and approved.


SIG Coordinator Report

SubSupport – 16 present – “General question & answer”

Switches – 13 present – “Open Discussion”

TSK – unknown present

HELL – 6 present – 9 ½ weeks

LoneStar Leather – 5 present “Leather, alternative lifestyles & family”

Newcomer’s Report

2 newcomers munches this month and they have gone very well.

 March 2 nd – 6 new members present

 March 20 th – 14 new members present

Charity Report

Charity of the month was Recipes for Success. Cash received was $105.00, VintageKinkyDoll

purchased different items for the charity and delivered them to the charity in the club’s name.

April’s Charity is HopeStone Inc. All funds and items will be collected at the upcoming party on

April 23 rd and distributed through the purchase of needed items.

Head DM Report

 Please see attached report

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance: $4126.77

Bills: $374.64

Deposits: $635.00

Final Balance. $4387.13

Old Business

1) Election Committee

Ideas and list of new rules provided and approved. See attached.

2) Black & Blue Weekend Event

a) Demos

Setup with 12 stations, to be used for demonstrations in:

 Needles – Korwin

 Rhythmic Caning – Stephen (of StephenandLeslie)

 Breath play – Lady A

 Flogging – HKJ

 Violet Wand and Electrical Play – Marla

 Fire Play – Girru

 Rope – SpaceKingBigNuts

 Clothespins & Zipper lines – Kinky_Cajun

 Spanking – SirJames41

 Piercing – TravisWilson

 Mummification – LordByron

 Whip – FloggerSteve

b) Schedule

 Friday – “Black & Blue Kick Off Party” with our National Presenter, Travis Wilson

 Saturday – “Kinky Christmas in June” vendor fair 4-7:45pm

 Saturday – “A Taste of Kink Demo Party” 8-11pm demo party, 11-2 open play

 Sunday – Presentations by WolfMoon73 “Boot Blacking” and by TravisWilson

 Sunday – “Year End Closeout Play Party” 1:30-5PM

 Sunday – Elections 5-6PM

“Communication in a Scene” 12-1:30PM

 Sunday – Election Announcements @ 6:30PM

c) Meals

VintageKinkyDoll will head up the menu plan and design for each of the three meals being


Friday – black & blue foods and festive party food

Saturday – regular party food

Sunday – brunch

d) Print Materials

Once we get everything set in stone, we will get a foam board with the weekend schedule on

it to sit at HEAT.

Need to order the bracelets as tickets

Set up the site to purchase tickets (bracelets) in advance – eventbrite

New Business

1) Executive Session

Entered into session: 5:45PM

Closed session: 6:23PM


Kinky_Cajun called a break at 6:23PM

Board session called back to order at 6:30PM

New Business con’t

2) April’s party changes

LadyA will invite Montrose Center to give a demo

3) Play Party w/Orientations

 It has come to our attention over the last few parties that people who have been to our

orientation are bringing new people to parties as a “sponsor”. Because this can cause

problems we need to offer everyone a refresher between the demo and the party.

 We will also get a foam board of HPEP party rules to be placed at a location of common


 For each party we will take a minute to give announcements for the club, introduce the

board members and identify our DMs for the night.

4) Budget for parties

A review of food costs, of food waste and how much food we are preparing per person was

discussed. Each party food prep is based on the “Going” list Friday morning and we are having

a lot of food left over.

To try something new, we will cook for 60ppl and limit the budget to $2-$3 per person.

This does not count for the Black & Blue Weekend party, as that prep time will be to cook for

150ppl per party.

5) HEAT contract and location

DrSam is still looking for a job and may be looking out of town for work. If this happens he will

have a manager for HEAT, but may not renew his lease at the end of December. We need to

look at a possible new venue. We have a contract through the end of the year and will need to

keep that in mind when looking.

6) Sub SIG Dom auction, July party

Sub SIG has set up their “Dom auction” to include items, Doms and scenes available during the

July party and donations go to their chosen charity. They ask that we allow them to do this

during the demo portion of the July party and help them pimp the event.

7) Fetlife HPEP group

Caretakers will not let us join the old HPEP group and the Official HPEP group. Because of this

we will put up threads asking members to join the Official group once a week through the end of

the month.

VintageKinkyDoll will capture all data and threads from the old group and load info into a

Google drive format and upload to the website so the information is always saved.

Motion made to delete HPEP group off of FetLife, after information is gathered: PASSED

Motion: HellKittenJ

2 nd : Luluann



**Closed Meeting**

Kinky_Cajun asked if any further business was to come before the board. None proposed.

Kinky_Cajun closed the meeting at 7:33PM