• Shall serve as President of the Board of Directors.
  • Shall preside over and facilitate HPEP board, membership and annual meetings and functions.
  • Shall lead the Board of Directors and ensure it’s effectiveness by setting the board agenda, taking into account the issues and concerns of all board and general members.
  • Shall be responsible for ensuring that the Board of Directors and its members are aware of and fulfill their duties.
  • Shall help monitor the HPEP treasury.
  • Shall act as ambassador for HPEP in the capacity of being the primary contact in regards to community outreach, education and promotional opportunities, including but not limited to HPEP organized or sponsored events.


  • Shall create and distribute, via the HPEP electronic forum(s), an Agenda for each monthly Board/General Meeting and provide same to the members at large at least one (1) week prior to said scheduled meeting.
  • Shall maintain the minutes of all meetings and post said minutes within two (2) weeks via the HPEP electronic forum.
  • Shall be responsible for creation and notification of HPEP events and functions, via electronic forum(s), for easy access of the members at large. Notifications shall include but are not limited to Parties, Events, Educational Classes and Meetings.
  • In the event that there is not a SIG Coordinator, the Secretary shall work with the individual SIG leaders to promote events, create calendar entries or notifications via the HPEP electronic forum(s) for the members at large.
  • Maintain records of all policies, rules, regulations and/or by-laws and changes of said documents passed by the Board.
  • Maintain records, including copies or original contracts, evaluations and any other important documents pertaining to the management and interactions of HPEP.
  • Shall dispose of old or invalid HPEP documents with the expressed approval and majority vote of the acting Board.

Membership Coordinator:

  • Shall maintain the membership rolls and attendance rosters and shall create and/or maintain a membership list.
  • Shall maintain membership applications, if applicable, and signed hold harmless agreements.
  • Shall organize and oversee the monthly Newcomers Munch. Develop an improved welcome packet and provide membership orientation.
  • Shall timely communicate with all requests for information from people interested in becoming an HPEP member, via email or HPEP electronic forums.
  • Shall strive to improve the membership experience, determine member satisfaction and needs.
  • Shall process membership cancellations, if required.
  • Shall provide reports at Board Meetings regarding current membership status, issues or concerns.
  • Shall compile and present a guest and newcomer list for HPEP parties.


  • Maintaining the financial register for the club.
  • Reporting to the Chairman or a Board member appointed as financial monitor, regarding the financial status of the club.
  • Monitor the HPEP bank accounts.
  • Maintain accurate financial records including but not limited to money received, receipts, bank statements and checks.
  • Shall supply financial records, including preparation of monthly reports for the board meetings and prepare project budgets as required.
  • Shall authorize and be accountable for all HPEP petty cash transactions.
  • Shall provide, in reasonable time, full financial disclosure to the Board of Directors or Membership. Full financial disclosure shall be available for viewing at each board meeting.

Education & Outreach Coordinator:

  • Shall organize and oversee a monthly demonstration or educational topic for the general membership.
  • These demos and/or educational presentations shall be designed to improve the membership experience by:
    • Increasing awareness of kink, bdsm, leather, GLBTQ and related lifestyle topics
    • Improving the skills and ability of members
    • Improving the knowledge of members on the breadth and depth of kink, bdsm, leather, GLBTQ and related lifestyle topics
  • Shall conduct outreach to other groups and educational providers in support of demos, general education, and at the needs of the membership or at the request of the Board
  • Shall provide reports, as necessary or may be required, at Board Meetings regarding classes, participation and future events.

Charity Coordinator:

  • Shall organize and oversee a monthly charity event with participation from the general membership.
  • Shall oversee charity functions, funds and donations until provided to the charity selected for the month.
  • Shall strive to improve the community outreach of HPEP through event participation and donations provided by the general membership
  • Shall provide reports at Board Meetings regarding all monthly drives, events, donations and funds provided in the name of HPEP to community charities.

SIG Coordinator:

  • Shall coordinate, maintain and organize a schedule between all SIGs and the general HPEP event calendar.
  • Shall maintain a communication with all SIG owners to promote their events, munches and participation in the HPEP community.
  • Shall organize an introduction or “Get to know your SIGs” at one party per Board year.
  • Shall provide reports at Board Meetings regarding all attendance to SIG events, munches and parties.