Board Meeting

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill

Meeting called to order by Kinky_Cajun @ 5:06PM, January 3, 2015

In Attendance

Board Members present:

-Kinky_Cajun – Chairman

-VintageKinkyDoll – Secretary

-Luluann – Treasurer

-LadyAurora – Education Coordinator

-Minnylynx – SIG Coordinator

Quorum met – 5 of 6 Board Members were present

A total of 4 members in attendance.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous board meeting in December were read and approved.


SIG Coordinator Report

SubSupport – 61 present, Dom/sub mixer

Switches – unknown present

TSK – 5 present

HELL – 0 present “9 ½ Weeks”

Newcomer’s Report

2 newcomers munches this month and they have gone very well.

  • December 2nd – 3 new members present
  • December 20th – 6 new members present

Charity Report

Charity of the month was Blankets for the VA.  Cash received was $120.00, VintageKinkyDoll purchased items and delivered them to HellKittenJ for her delivery to the charity in the club’s name.

January’s Charity is Good Sports of Houston.  All funds and items will be collected at the upcoming party on January 9th and throughout the month at the SIG Meetings, then distributed through the purchase of sports equipment.

Head DM Report

  • No issues at last party.
  • Daddy QBall acted as lead DM for this party

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance: $1129.01

Bills: $188.79

Deposits: $590.00

Final Balance.  $1530.22

Cashier’s Check for $2820.56 still outstanding.

Old Business

1) Executive Session Review

Executive Session was called at 5:11PM and closed 5:55PM to return to stated Board meeting.

Both issues will be aggressively pursued for the benefit of the club.


Kinky_Cajun called a break at 5:55PM

Board session called back to order at 6:08PM

Old Business

2) Bank Account

Kinky_Cajun and Luluann will get a new DBA and bank account in order to immediately deposit the outstanding cashier’s check.  They will remove HellKittenJ and Slave_snap_snap’s name from the current DBA for HPEP.

A review of the previous banking information and financial paperwork will be made to determine if the EIN# obtained by Slave_snap_snap needs to be cancelled or is hers personally.

3) Election Committee

VintageKinkyDoll, MinnyLynx, LadyAurora and TexasLady4You will present the board with a draft of new election rules by the March board meeting for review.

4) Black & Blue Weekend Event

a) Schedule

  • Friday, June 24th – Black & Blue Party with National presenter 8p-2am
  • Saturday, June 25th – Vendors fair 4-7pm and B&B Demo Party 8p-2am
  • Sunday, June 26th – Brunch, afternoon party with demo and annual elections 12n-8pm
  • b) Demos

Setup with 12 stations, to be used for demonstrations in:

  • Needles
  • Rhythmic Caning
  • Breath play
  • Florentine Flogging
  • Beginner Flogging
  • Violet Wand and Electrical Play
  • Fire Play
  • Rope
  • Clothespins & Zipper lines
  • Spanking
  • Whip
  • Mummification
  • c) Vending

$50 per spot, 10 spots available. Open from 4-7pm on June 25th.

d) Meals

VintageKinkyDoll will head up the menu plan and design for each of the three meals being served.

e) Print Materials? Ad?

Instead of doing programs and preprinted tickets, at great cost to the club, we will look into arm bands that will act as event tickets. Ticket prices will be a one-time fee of $15 for members and $25 for non-members.  Tickets will be good for all three events.

4) Head DM

Daddy QBall acted as lead DM for the December party.  Since SlapJackRider has reached out for the Head DM position, and we have reached out to SpaceKingBigNuts, the club will ask them to act as lead DM for the January and February parties before making a nomination for the position.

5) HEAT Contract

Covered under executive session and an email will be sent to DrSam to expedite the signing of both contracts.


New Business


a) badges

badges – VintageKinkyDoll will take the lead

b) condoms

Giveaways – condoms? – VintageKinkyDoll will take the lead

c) drink

Drink – Blue Balls (vodka, blue raspberry koolaid and black rim sugar), HellKittenJ will take the lead on getting alcohol, VintageKinkyDoll will get cups, sugar and koolaide.

d) schedule

Event is scheduled Feb 11th – 14th. Due to a fire at The Eagle, the schedule of events and locations for events may be changed.  The HCC meeting on Jan 20th will help out.  HellKittenJ (previously volunteered to go) and Kinky_Cajun volunteered to also go.

Opening Reception will be at Tony’s @ 7:00PM on February 11th

f) volunteers

15 volunteers and voluntolds have signed up so far.  A thread will be put up on Fet in the upcoming week to garner volunteers and participants in LUEY.

g) TIFL Hat

Hat – black & blue design theme – LadyAurora will take the lead

h) skit (are we doing?)

50 shades of grey parody was suggested.  If we can find participants, we will have a skit.

2) SIGs

LoneStar Leather SIG, will have its first meeting on January 17th.  After their first meeting they will let us know what the club can do to help them as one of our SIGs.

3) Demos

We will work on getting our party demo presenters set further in advance so we can all advertise their presence and the event.

4) Pride Parade is June 25th

LadyAurora will check with Midtown to see if one day during the week before our Black and Blue Party Weekend and the Pride Parade is open for a friendly get together amongst members and new members.



**Closed Meeting**

Kinky_Cajun asked if any further business was to come before the board. None proposed.

Kinky_Cajun closed the meeting at 6:54PM