Board Meeting

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill

Meeting called to order by Kinky_Cajun @ 5:00PM, December 6, 2015


In Attendance

Board Members present:

-Kinky_Cajun – Chairman

-VintageKinkyDoll – Secretary

-Luluann – Treasurer

-HellkittenJ – Membership Coordinator

-LadyAurora – Education Coordinator

Quorum met – 5 of 5 Board Members were present

A total of 2 members in attendance.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous board meeting from November were read and approved.

Reports on Committees

SIG Coordinator

SubSupport – 21 present “Religion and Submission”

Switches – 9 present, “Safety”

TSK – 5 present, “How important mentors are”

HELL – unknown present “The Story Of O”



2 newcomers munches this month and they have gone very well.

November 22nd – 3 new members present

December 2nd – 6 new members present



Charity of the month was Toys For Tots.  Cash received was $80.00, VintageKinkyDoll will purchase and take presents to the charity in the club’s name.

December’s Charity is Blankets for VA of Houston.  All funds and items will be collected at the upcoming party on Dec 26th and distributed through the purchase of blankets.

Head DM

  • No issues at last party

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance: $1399.65

Bills: $340.00

Deposits: $260.00

Final Balance.  $1319.65


Cashier’s Check for $2820.56 still outstanding.

Old Business

1) Bylaw revisions

A vote was held on Nov 12th at Midtown Bar & Grill @ 7pm.  Bylaws passed 10-2 and were published, immediately.

2) Monthly Education Munch & Questionnaires

LadyA provided results from online questionnaire.  Top three results to be aware of were:

  1. HPEP is 2nd amongst the community for education
  2. 40% good, 50% average in delivery of education topics and demos
  3. Answers show that the community would like more demos and presentations at parties

Additional comments provided:

  1. More variety in education topics
  2. Offering different levels of education (beginner, moderate and experienced)
  3. Covering a larger breadth of topics in broader areas of kink

3) Bank Account

With the resignation of previous account signatory, new banking information must be obtained.  HKJ and Luluann will get together before year end to change DBA, open bank account and deposit cashier’s check.

Account will be set up with double signatory requirements, as per bylaws, for HKJ and Luluann.  To ensure a double checks and balances setup, all checks and receipts will be filled out by the treasurer, Luluann and then signed and initialed by HKJ before funds are distributed.

As per bylaws, all funds will only be distributed with a check to a valid receipt.

4) Election Committee

The election rules and guidelines have been gathered and will be reviewed by the committee before presented to the board in January.  A two part set of rules will be drawn up to be used for the annual meeting and in the case of a mid-term vacated Chairman or Treasurer position.

5) Black & Blue Weekend Event

Will be set up as a three day weekend event.

Friday, June 24th – Demo party 8-2pm

Saturday, June 25th – Vendors fair and Main event Black & Blue Ball

Sunday, June 26th – Brunch, demo and annual elections

Details will continue being worked on and put together after contract with DrSam is approved.

6) SIG Coordinator

Motion: Appoint the position of SIG Coordinator. Motion: PASS

Motion made: HellKittenJ

2nd: LadyAurora

Motion: Appoint minnylynx as SIG Coordinator. Motion: PASS

Motion made: Kinky_Cajun

2nd: LadyAurora

7) Head DM

A post will be made on FetLife to gain interest in the position.  Whomever volunteers will come to the December party as Lead DM and then a review will be presented to the board before the position is appointed in January.



Kinky_Cajun called a break at 5:42PM

Board session called back to order at 5:52PM


New Business

1) HEAT Contract

2 contracts will be presented to DrSam for approval before the end of the year.

  1. 11 parties
  2. 1 weekend party

2) 2016 Plan of Action


“Athletic Supporters Party”
Demo: Rough Body Play
Charity: Good Sports Houston


“Scarlett & Harlots Party”
Demo: “Spark Your Love Life” Electricity Demo
Charity: Houston American Heart Association


“March To A Different Tune Party”
Demo: “How to hide your Easter eggs” Insertibles
Charity: March of Dimes


“Pets on Parade Party”
Demo: Pony, Puppy & Pet Play
Charity: Service dogs for vets


“Military Madness Uniform Party”
Demo: Interrogation Play
Charity: Houston Military PTSD Clinic


Feb 11th – 14th

Opening Reception will be at Tony’s @ 7:00PM on February 11th

Drink – Blue Balls (vodka, blue raspberry koolaid and black rim sugar), HellKittenJ will take the lead.

Hat – black & blue design theme – LadyAurora will take the lead

Giveaways – condoms? – VintageKinkyDoll will take the lead

Details of each will be discussed via the email chain to ensure we get everything taken care of.

Threads about LUEY will be placed on FetLife to get support for the event and HPEP.

4) SIGs

Giving minnylynx time to get used to each of the current SIG leaders and reach out to anyone for new group SIGs or topics of interest.

Also will remove the SIG leaders from the group leadership.  minnylynx will work with each SIG leader to post threads, dates of events and rsvp links on FetLife.





**Closed Meeting**

Kinky_Cajun asked if any further business was to come before the board. None proposed.

Kinky_Cajun closed the meeting at 7:08PM