Board Meeting

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill

Meeting called to order by Kinky_Cajun @ 5:11PM, November 1, 2015


In Attendance

Board Members present:

-Kinky_Cajun – Chairman

-Luluann – Treasurer

-HellkittenJ – Membership Coordinator

-LadyAurora – Education Coordinator

-Slave_snap_snap – SIGs/Charity Coordinator

Quorum met – 5 of 5 Board Members were present

A total of 4 members in attendance.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous board meeting from October were read and approved.

The minutes from the executive session from October were read and approved.


Reports on Committees

SIG Coordinator

SubSupport – 38 present “Fear”

Switches – Unknown present

TSK – Unknown present

HELL – 8 present “Rocky Horror Picture Show”



2 newcomers munches this month and they have gone very well.

October 7th – 8 new members present

October 18th – 6 new members present



Charity of the month was Houston Food Bank.  Cash received was $129.00.  Slave_snap_snap will take items and cash collected to the shelter in the club’s name.

November’s charity is Toys for Tots.  All funds and items will be collected at the upcoming party on Nov 28th and distributed.

Head DM

  • One person didn’t show for their 2hour shift and the shift was filled by two separate people.
  • Numerous questions about pictures being allowed and the party rules stipulate that photography is allowed with consent of all involved in the pictures. All photography must be cleared through the DM to protect other members in the club.
  • The party was allowed to go 1 hour late and the DM shift had to be covered for the extra hour.
  • The discount at the door is continuing to get a good response for participation.
  • No safety incidents to report.
  • The demo was cleaned up and area made safe for members to play afterwards.

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance: $1126.80

Bills: $216.22

Deposits: $489

Final Balance.  $1399.65


Cashier’s Check for $2820.56 still outstanding. Audit amount shows overage of $0.72, with final balance on hand being $1127.52


Old Business

1) Bylaw revisions

Changes proposed at the Town Hall Meeting were discussed and approved unanimously by all board members.  Changes will be documented and posted for the membership review.  A vote will be held on Nov 12th at Midtown Bar & Grill @ 7pm.

2) Monthly Education Munch & Questionnaires

Lady A has received about 25 responses for the questionnaire.  As a general review the answers say they are not up for a private educational munch.

She will print out the results and bring to the December meeting for review.  Along with the results, she will bring ideas proposed by the membership and how to go forward for the club in an educational forum.

A box or suggestion slips will be provided to all SIG Coordinators to ask the membership for suggestions and ideas on education munches or demos they want to see.

3) End of term Ball/Gala & budget

Board discussed changing the function and form of the end of the year ball.  More details will be discussed via the board email thread, as information needs to be gathered rapidly for our time frame.

4) Bank Account details

Bank account paperwork and requirements have all been turned in and setup.  Account will be opened and money deposited on Tuesday, Nov 3rd, 2015 by HellkittenJ and Slave_snap_snap.

5) Job Descriptions

Each board member was asked for changes and/or approval of their job descriptions. All have been reviewed, updated and approved for publication.

New Business

1) Election Committee

As discussed at the Town Hall Meeting, a new committee to discuss and draw up standing club rules for all elections, has been established.  Their ideas will be submitted to the board for review and approval, then publication for the membership.

2) General Membership Lists

Lists of attendance for Newcomer’s munches and parties will be maintained to ensure a current membership roster.

3) Code of Conduct Committee.

As discussed at the Town Hall Meeting, a new committee to discuss membership code of conduct regulations, based on the bylaws mention of “cause” will be drawn up and submitted to the board for approval.

Discussion over the need for this or if it was running back into the problem of micromanaging membership conduct was had.  Numerous objections were offered and taken into account for the report.  The final report will be drawn up and submitted to the board for discussion.

4) November Party Planning

Theme: Leftover Party

Demo: Food Play

December Party Planning

Theme: White Elephant Party

Demo: Regifting Celebration

Food and decorations will be discussed via the board email thread as the parties get closer.

5) Play Party & Demo

  • MasterMalikTulsa and saltsweet did a knife play demo on Saturday the 31st @ 12:30PM and was greeted with a very enthusatic crowd.
  • The blood play demo, given at the party enthralled and intrigued the crowd. There were a few complaints about the demo starting late which impeded play, but Dr Sam allowed us to extend the party one hour to give everyone the chance to play.
  • The board and Head DM will also reinforce the “no touching without consent” rule at our parties to prevent any problems going forward.
  • Party demos will now start at 8:30PM to ensure the door can handle the influx of members coming in and getting everyone settled to watch the demo.



Kinky_Cajun called a break at 6:10PM

Board session called back to order at 6:18PM


7) Vacant Board Secretary Position

Motion: Appoint VintageKinkyDoll as Board Secretary. Motion: PASS

Motion made: LadyAurora

2nd: Slave_snap_snap

8) Vacant SIG Coordinator Position

Dual motions were made for the same position.  Discussion followed each motion.

Motion: Nominate minnylynx as SIG Coordinator. Motion: PASS

Motion made: VintageKinkyDoll

2nd: LadyAurora

Motion: Nominate Longshot1951 as SIG Coordinator. Motion: 2nd rescinded support, FAIL

Motion made: Slave_snap_snap

2nd: Luluann

Discussion was brought up that having two people in a power exchange relationship and/or living in the same house should not be allowed to be on the board together in voting positions.

Motion: Motion to table the votes on SIG coordinator until December board meeting. Motion: rescinded, FAIL

Motion made: HellkittenJ

2nd: Slave_snap_snap

Motion: Motion to table appointment to take time to talk to SIG leaders about open position of SIG Coordinators for recommendations. Motion: PASSED

Motion made: HellkittenJ

2nd: Slave_snap_snap

Emails will be sent to each SIG leader to ask for recommendations and ideas.

9) Executive Session Review

Executive Session was called at 6:47PM and closed 7:07PM to return to stated Board meeting.

Member has stated intention of seeking reinstatement of membership after a 30 day suspension.  Member will submit, in writing, how they have changed behaviors originally banned for and how to prevent problems going forward.



None proposed


**Closed Meeting**

Kinky_Cajun asked if any further business was to come before the board. None proposed.

Kinky_Cajun closed the meeting at 7:11PM