The Leather Lifestyle – its origins and history, depending on whom you speak with, are varied and sorted. Where do the traditions come from? What are the values of the lifestyle? For those that follow the path of Leather today, what does that mean?

While there may be some questions about our past that are lost in the annals of time, one thing is clear – those that follow the Leather Path today, those that choose to serve their Community, and those that wish to learn more about the Leather Lifestyle need a place to meet.. to discuss… to bond.

We are a discussion and mentoring group dedicated to helping those that may be interested in the Leather Lifestyle learn more about this often misunderstood, sometimes sacred, and certainly intriguing Path.

Whether you have been in the Leather Lifestyle for a day, a week, a month or years, come join us as we discuss our thoughts, cement our bond, and commemorate our origins.