Bylaws of Houston People Exchanging Power (HPEP)

1. Organization

1.1. Name: The name of the organization shall be “Houston People Exchanging Power” (henceforth “HPEP”).

1.2. Ownership: HPEP shall be owned by its members

1.3. Purpose:

1.3.1. Shall be social club and support group.

1.3.2. Shall operate for the primary and mutual benefit of its members and its community.

2. Membership

2.1. Requirements:

2.1.1. Be 18 years of age or over.

2.1.2. Attend a HPEP newcomers munch or have attended a HPEP orientation.

2.2. Voting Requirements:

2.2.1. Must be a member in good standing, ie not currently on suspension, on the day of the election.

2.3. Rights:

2.3.1. Access to all functions of the club.

2.3.2. Voting in club government, including general meetings and elections.

2.3.3. Running for the board of directors or hold any office.

2.4. Termination of Membership:

2.4.1. The board of directors may discuss and vote to suspend or expel a member for cause.

2.4.2. While under suspension the affected member may not attend any HPEP function, vote in any election, run or hold any office.

2.5. Reinstatement of Membership:

2.5.1. After removal there is a 6 month waiting period before the removed member may submit a written and signed request for reinstatement. The statement must be submitted to a director.

2.5.2. Board will discuss and vote on reinstatement. The decision will be made and the results will be provided to the member in question.

3. Meetings

3.1. Annual Meeting:

3.1.1. Announced at least one month prior to the meeting date.

3.1.2. To be held in June of each year.

3.1.3. Shall be the meeting at which the board of directors is elected.

3.2. Board Meeting:

3.2.1. Will be scheduled as frequently as necessary as determined by the board of directors. A notice will be posted 2 weeks prior to the meeting on HPEP’s electronic forum.

3.2.2. Any existing member may attend however only directors may vote.

3.2.3. Quorum – the number of directors required for any board meeting to convene and for any vote to be valid shall be a majority of current directors.

3.3. Membership Meeting:

3.3.1. Anyone may attend but only members may vote.

3.3.2. Quorum – the minimum number of members required for any vote of the membership to be valid – shall be half plus one of the members present at the vote.

3.3.3. A notice will be posted 2 weeks prior to the membership meeting on HPEP’s electronic forum.

3.4. Special/Emergency Meeting:

3.4.1. Special meetings of the members may be called by the Board of Directors or not less than 15 of the members having voting rights. Upon submission of a petition to any director containing a minimum of 15 names, the board shall set a special meeting within 25 days of such submission. Such petition shall state specifically the business to be brought up at the Special Meeting, and no other business shall be conducted at that meeting.

3.4.2. May be scheduled with as little as 2 days notice but must be announced publicly via the current HPEP public electronic forum.

3.4.3. Announcement must specify the specific purpose of meeting.

3.4.4. May only discuss and vote on those issues contained in the announcement.

4. Board of Directors

4.1. Powers and Duties:

The Board shall have full power to govern HPEP, including, but not limited to, assuring that the purpose of HPEP is carried out.

4.2. Candidacy:

4.2.1. Must be a member in good standing.

4.3. Term:

4.3.1. Directors shall serve a term of one year.

4.4. Elections:

4.4.1. Elections shall occur at the Annual Meeting.

4.4.2. The Board of Directors shall be composed of up to seven but no less than five directors, elected from among the membership.

4.4.3. A candidate must receive a minimum of 20% of total votes to be elected to the board of directors.

4.4.4. Election votes will be accepted via anonymous ballot.

4.4.5. A minimum of three people who are not candidates or who are not in a relationship (marital, significant other or D/s) with any candidate shall conduct the counting of the votes.

4.4.6. Members and candidates must be present at the Election meeting to vote. Candidacy must be announced in accordance with the HPEP Election Rules.

4.5. Vacancies:

4.5.1. Vacant positions on the board of directors may be filled at the Board’s discretion via appointment by a majority of the remaining Board of Directors or a special election of the general membership at the next regular meeting following the vacancy, or may remain vacant at the discretion of the remaining Board of Directors, so long as the number of Directors is no fewer than five members.

4.5.2. Any director appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve in said position until the next annual meeting.

4.6. Removal:

4.6.1. A Director may be removed by decision of the majority of the remaining Directors for failure to follow Board policies.

4.6.2. Can be initiated by a petition signed by 15 members in good standing. The petition must be verified by three unaffected club officers. Upon verification of the petition, a special meeting shall be called to vote on the removal within 15 days of the petition being submitted. Requires a majority vote of the members present at the special meeting, called for the purpose of said director’s removal.

5. Officers

5.1. Required Officers

5.1.1. At a minimum the following officer positions shall be held by a member of the board of directors and shall be elected as individual offices. These include:

• Chairman

• Secretary

• Treasurer

5.1.2. The board members At-Large are elected as a group under the election rules of majority. They can include, but not limited to:

• Membership Coordinator;

• Education Coordinator;

• SIG Coordinator;

• Charity Coordinator;

5.2. Additional Officers

5.2.1. The following officer positions may be held by any member in good standing appointed by the board of directors to include:

• Head DM

• Sergeant at Arms

• Webmaster

• Media Coordinator

6. Policies of the Treasury, Contracts and Financial Accounts

6.1. Treasury

6.1.1. All monies, save those maintained in a reasonable operating petty cash fund ($200), is to be maintained in a financial institution such as a bank, savings and loan, or credit union.

6.1.2. There shall be a minimum of two signatories for the bank account. These shall both be either directors or club officers.

6.1.3. An audit will be conducted of all treasury records by a club officer that is not one of the sisignatories each quarter and also at member request.

6.2. Income – Any money earned by running a club-sponsored event or function must go to benefit the club treasury, or an official charity approved by the club. No one other than the facility hosting the party may gain personal profit under the pretense of running an official club sponsored event. However, approved vendors may sell their own wares or services at events for personal profit.

6.3. Compensation – Directors shall not receive any salary for their services.

6.4. Expenditures

6.4.1. All expenditures over $100.00 per month, not including predetermined monthly expenses, of the Club monies must be requested and approved by the board in advance. Predetermined monthly expenses include but are not limited to, financial account maintenance fees, party supplies and venue fees.

6.4.2. Any additional expenses require advanced approval via a Board vote.

6.4.3. Receipts are always required, within 45 days, for any expenditure.

6.4.4. No reimbursements for expenses, either approved or unapproved, will be made without a receipt.

6.4.5. Monies may be requested in advance. The person signing for the monies is liable for repayment either with receipts or money.

6.4.6. The Board of Directors may authorize, via a majority vote of the Directors, any officer(s) or agent (s) of HPEP to enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of and on behalf of HPEP, and such authority confined to specific instances.

7. Amendments to the Bylaws, including revisions and updates

7.1. Amendments may be generated by either the board of directors or by petition of members

7.2. Amendments are placed on a ballot at least one month prior to being voted on.

7.3. Amendment created by members in good standing must be done by petition to the board. Petitions must be submitted in writing with signatures of 15 members in good standing. Once the petition is verified by the board it shall be placed on a ballot.

7.4. Each amendment may only address one issue.

7.5. In the event that two proposed amendments conflict with each other, they may be combined into one issue with multiple resolutions from which the voter may choose.

7.6. Proposed bylaw amendments must be approved by a majority of the members present at the voting.

8. Official Contact Methods

8.1. HPEP Website: