Membership Meeting

A called meeting of the HPEP Membership was held at Midtown Bar & Grill

Meeting called to order by Kinky_Cajun @ 1:25PM, August 9, 2015

In Attendance

Board Members present:

-Kinky_Cajun – Chairman

-CatVain – Secretary

-Luluann – Treasurer

-HellKittenJ – Membership Coordinator

-LadyAurora – Education Coordinator

-Slave_snap_snap – SIGs/Charity Coordinator

Quorum met – 6 of 6 Board Members were present

A total of 8 members in attendance.


1) *Website*

There is no listing on who is on the board via the mobile version.

-KC will update the mobile device viewing capabilities for all information

2) Attendance

Discussion about when all events are posted and where they will be located, on Fet or via


All events will be loaded into wordpress announcements

Event notices to be checked on by KC and HKJ to check correct boxes to send announcements.

All board events and business with be located on and events listed on FetLife.

3) Board Member’s Attendance and Duties Review

longshot1951 addressed the attendance issues of LadyAurora.

Jun 27th – missed party

Jul 25th – missed DM shift she volunteered for. Shift was from 11pm-1am. She showed to party

at 11:50pm and her shift was covered by another member.

July Board Meeting – began at 1pm and she didn’t show until 2:16pm, with no advance warning

or call to inform anyone of her absence.

Question asked – what is the board going to do to ensure that members are living up to the

responsibilities they have volunteered for and been elected for?

LadyAurora’s response: She notified the chairman that she would be attending the Pride parade

and it was a previous commitment to her election on the board.

HKJ asked that this be addressed in the Board of Directors meeting, as the membership meeting

is not the correct place to discuss action against a board member. Also that there are no

attendance regulations listed in the current bylaws.

4) Members/sponsors/non-members at parties

CatVain had a member relay to her, that at the previous month’s party (July) a girl, who was

brand new, had come to the newcomer’s munch, then showed up at a party with her boyfriend.

Who had not come to the newcomer’s munch or any other event.

HKJ stated the girl had discussed with her and the boyfriend could not make the munch. She

sent him a party rules handout and the New Comer’s Booklet. HKJ knew the boyfriend would

come to the party, sponsored by the girlfriend.

CatVain will notify the member about what happened.

KC asked that from now on, all new member contact, concerns and issues should be forwarded

to the membership coordinator.

Also discussed were the rules for being able to sponsor a new member or what constitutes a

member. There is nothing in the current bylaws about what attendance requirements or

guidelines there are for membership.

Closed Meeting

Kinky_Cajun asked if any further business was to be discussed. None proposed.

Kinky_Cajun closed the membership meeting at 1:54pm.