Warning: Adult language included.

This is Part 2 of a continuing commentary on dirty talk in the bedroom. For Part 1, click on Dirty Talk 101.

I mentioned in my previous blog on Dirty Talk that a great idea for sexy talk outside the bedroom, in public, at a party, etc. is using a foreign language. This is deliciously naughty because no one else knows what you’re saying! It’s a great way to get your spouse revved up and ready to head straight home to bed! I know some of my sweetest memories are when my Dom leaned over in the mall dressing room, handed me the next set of clothes, and whispered, “Who’s my hot little Schlampe?”I was blushing and grinning to myself in the dressing room the whole time.

I speak Spanish, and in the past I was always terribly disappointed when my boyfriends weren’t interested in a steamy make-out session where I spoke to them in Spanish. I had one boyfriend who spoke French, and he could get me so hot and bothered without ever touching me it was ridiculous. My dom speaks German, and while Spanish and German just lack the beautiful, soothing, sexy sound of some dirty French, it can still be hot. Sometimes. Mostly it just annoys the crap out of me because I’ve gotten uptight in my old age and it bugs me to not know what he’s saying. Ah well.

So if you don’t fluently speak another language, I can’t teach you in a blog, but I can give you a few words to pick. Use the ones you like!


  • ma plotte = my cunt
  • ma salope = my slut
  • puttain = bitch
  • J’arrive! = I’m coming
  • Je veux joir dans ton corp = I want to come inside your body.
  • Je t’aime = I love you


  • puta = slut, bitch
  • Chinga = Fuck!
  • Chingame = Fuck me
  • Chupame, mi bella putita = Suck me, my beautiful little bitch
  • Ponme los dedos, AHORA = Put your fingers inside me, NOW
  • Mas fuerte = Harder
  • Muerdame = Bite me.
  • Te quiero, te amo = I love you.
  • Te deseo = I want you.


  • meine dreckige Schlampe = my dirty slut
  • Du dreckiger Schlampe! WEG. = You dirty slut, go AWAY!
  • Dann, sich öffnest dein dreckige Schnauze. = There, open your dirty mouth.


  • suka = bitch
  • (also cyka = bitch?)


  • kurwa = bitch
  • chuj, kutas = dick
  • pierdol się = fuck you!


  • Vaffanculo = fuck you, fuck off!
  • el mio Cazzo = my dick, cock
  • Frocio = faggot (pronounced “fro-chi-o)


  • oppai = boobies
  • manko = pussy

Try not to trust Babelfish too much, and when it doubt, ask a native speaker. A bientot! Que te diviertas mucho! Ciao! 🙂

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