A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill on July 12, 2015.  The meeting was called to order at 1:27 by Kinky Cajun

Board Members Present

LadyAurora (Late Arrival)

Quorum met – 6 of 6 Board Members were present

See sign-in sheet for other attendees who were also in attendance.

Agenda reviewed

SIG & Officer Reports:

Treasury report:

  • On 7-12-2015 the balance is currently $3452.20 with Cashier’s check for $2820.56 and petty cash of $631.64.

Charity Report: 

  • Collected $141 and 3 pks crayons, bought more supplies and will deliver this week to Literacy Advance.
  • Next charity PTSD Foundation which is already receiving donations for the month

SIG Report:

  • No reports from sig leader

New Member’s Report:

June 3 – 6 new people
June 21  – 10 new people

Old Business

Member contacted Kinky Cajun about concerns that election process did not conform to bylaws- which state that all board members be elected as board members and then the new board is to appoint officers. Describes election process as held, and meeting after where we decided remaining positions.
HellKittenJ noted that the by-laws also say that the sitting board may determine the election process for the next board, as was done for said election.
KC proposed that we accept the positions voted in as per the election results.

Vote: 5 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained

Motion carried

New Business

Board meeting code of conduct discussed. 

Rules: Board meetings are for the Board to discuss and vote on issues. Questions or input by members are to be written down and held for after scheduled business as time allows.


Set up of Bylaw revision committee
Kinky Cajun, CatVain, and Luluann volunteer to be on committee.

Kinky Cajun to facilitate meeting.

Catvain to scribe meeting.

Kinky Cajun to set up meeting in August. Exact date and time TBD

All members interested in attending and giving input welcome to attend.

Event posting to be set up on fetlife


Establishment of a monthly educational munch

Kinky Cajun pointed out that this was brought up to the previous board but was held until after the elections.
Currently we have two newcomer’s munches per month. Discussed replacing one of these with an educational munch. Board agreed to keep the two newcomers munches and instead add an additional munch to focus on education.
Possible date 1st Sunday of Month
Motion made by Kinky Cajun to hold this item until remainder of board can discuss with Education Coordinator.

Vote: 5 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained

Motion carried


Party themes and demos for remainder of the year:

The following items were discussed and suggestions were made for demos however no final decision was made until the rest of the Board can confer with the Education Coordinator.

July: Superheroes and Villains
Demo: KC role-play demo

Aug:  End of Summer Luau
Suggestion:  fire play demo or hula dance demo or competition

Music: Hawaiian/island

Sep: Back to School

Possible education/demo/BDSM training event
Suggested demo spanking corporal punishment and more

Oct: Halloween ( moved to 31 to not interfere with bondage camp)
demo suggestion: blood play

Nov: Leftover party potluck
suggestion: food play demo

Dec: Grinch party
white elephant re-gift instead of demo


LUEY Pin and poster submission reminder
Deadline is 15 July


DM classes and potential name submissions for new Head DM
Kinky Cajun to make post for member interested in the Head DM position.

Discussed if we wanted to continue using the CoT DM training program

People who went to class are not volunteering to DM at parties.

KC has full training program for DM’s.

Would like to do a DM and first aid class and attendees would be approved to DM at any HPEP event.

To be tentatively scheduled for August 2nd to be researched with venue.
(arrival Lady A)

Lady A suggesting possible APEX trainer per LadyA to come in from AZ for certification DM class in future.


End of term event/ball/annual Gala
Research needs to be done

Historically end of May

Will look at conference schedules

Possible window March/April/or May preference for April (April ’16 has 5 weekends)

Considering bringing back the Black and Blue Ball for the name

Possible venue Hilton (Westheimer near beltway)

Will be sponsored by HPEP but attendance will be open to public

HKJ Will ask TLP Vaughn for advice

Masquerade theme suggested

Will need Committee to plan the event


Break Called


Meeting called back to order


Moh invited to speak About the New website.
Viewed website, functional and approved, will be online/domain switched


Luluan to handover previous information

to CatVain for scanning and disposal.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:09

Next Meeting Scheduled for Aug 9th. There will be a members meeting starting at 1pm and a board meeting starting at 2pm.  Link can be seen Here