Special/Emergency Meeting

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: MidTown Bar & Grill
415 West Gray Street
Houston, TX 77019

2-3:00 PM Discussion on Open Petitions
3:00-4:00 PM Voting & Validation

Must be present by 3:30 PM to vote.

Please park on street, to allow parking in parking lot for Midtown’s regular customers and handicap.

Thank you,
HPEP Board Members

HarmonyInDuality: about 1 month ago | report

Special/Emergency Meeting was Called To Order at 2:05 p.m.

The Board has the remaining petitions up for voting numbers 1, 3, 8, and 11.
Petition number 15 did not have enough valid signatures – one person signed it twice.

Cynnister has requested to resign, this was posted to the HPEP’s FetLife page.
Lord_MaXXimus has, also, requested to resign – this was, also, posted on the HPEP’s FetLife page.

Discussion of the invalid petitions among the members resulted thus far:
Number 5, by a majority show of hands, it was agreed to add this to the ballot for the next vote.
Number 12 was discussed and decided that the Membership wants to change to the bylaws – to make the positions of; chairman, secretary, and treasurer to be elected positions, therefore, it will need to be rewritten and brought up for vote again.

HKJ made the statement that the bylaws were attempted to be reworked several times.
DJ requested for it to be an open committee discussion group when we do a simple to attempt to rework the bylaws again.

As stated at the beginning of the meeting number 15 had duplicate signatures on it, which caused it to not have enough valid signatures to pass.

It was stated by the Board that they had rewritten the invalid petitions, to make them valid and are presenting them to the Membership, rewritten now, so that they may go forward for another vote.

By a majority vote (a show of hands of the present Membership) it was ruled to vote on the rewritten petitions at the next meeting.


Meeting called back to order at 3:23 p.m.

Membership rosters were being checked for Members to be able to vote. The Board will accept verification from the SIG leader’s copies of the signature forms, being submitted by VKD to assist in verifying Members present that we did not have information on.

Petitions moving forward for the next vote will require no additional signatures, they will simply be voted on.

At 3:30 the Chair called for the close of voting. All ballots were collected and tallied by Board Members.

Reported at 3:42 p.m. – All petitions have passed and are effective immediately.

Discussion on the Membership’s nominating Members for the open positions of Chairman and the At Large Board Member position – it was decided nominations should be sent to the Board’s e-mail account.

Any applicants can post their qualifications on the HPEP’s FetLife group page and the thread will be closed so that no comments may be made. This is only for the Membership to review the qualifications of nominees.

The motion was made to close the meeting by the Chair and was seconded by Harmonyinduality.

Meeting adjourned

HarmonyInDuality: about 1 month ago | report

The meeting was called to order at 4:03 p.m. by Goddess2you acting Chair.
Electra acting as Secretary.

Treasurer’s Report:

March 17th financial review conducted by HarmonyInDuality, Hersheyoxo, and Texaslady4u of the June 2014 to present, 33 2015 bank account is presented. The old account was closed and a new account was opened with a balance of $3199.43. There is outstanding balance $623.04 with a discrepancy of $335.08 attributed to the time Cynnister managed funds. It was for an amount spent at Luey and we did not have receipts for.

VKD brings up the matter of two amounts owed to her for receipts turned in to Lord_MaXXimus, in the amounts of $196.92 and $54.13. Receipts for these purchases were given to Lord_MaXXimus, from VKD, in February. We will ask Lord_MaXXimus for these receipts.

A certified letter will be mailed to Lord_MaXXimus requesting these receipts, as well as other HPEP items in his possession.

It was, also, requested by the Membership that we do a comparison of expenditures for 2015 Luey to the costs of 2014 Luey. It is believed we may have overpaid.

The Membership, also, asked how the Board intends to act in recovering these receipts and how it will enforce these actions. How will the Board handle people that are asked and not have said receipts returned. The Board’s reply was – To follow the current bylaws.

We had a party on February 28, 2015, with 45 in attendance. There were seven (7) comps for HPEP and two (2) comps for HEAT. $540 was collected and $270, of that, was paid to DrSam for the rental of the HEAT premises.

$270.00 was deposited to the old Cynnister’s HPEP account on March 2, 2015.
On March 3, 2015, that account was closed and another opened. The new account was opened under the Treasurer’s name and will have a second signature by Hersheyoxo.

The old account was closed with a balance of $3,199.42. No other deposits or withdraws have been made, other than an expenditure for checks in total of: $18.95. There are two (2) outstanding transactions to be paid $196.92. The current bank balance is $2952.55 at this time.

We need to acquire a new P.O. Box as the old one us not under the name of any current board member. It is agreed that we get a new P.O. Box.

The DBA has been opened as a civic club group, under the name of the Treasurer.

From now on the checkbook will be at all events, but Members will need a receipt with them in order to receive a check – no cash will be disbursed. The real name will be redacted from the check registry and the FetLife name added.

Any infractions will be handled in accordance to the bylaws.

A proposed time frame of one (1) week, to receive receipts that are currently missing was voted on and passed by the Membership.

Membership Report:

To membership meetings have been held the first on March 4, 2015, with seven (7) in attendance, three (3) new Members. The second meeting on March 15, 2015, with eight (8) in attendance, four (4) new Members.

Will be getting with Alexis to get Members posted to the Membership page, as well.
Discussion occurred about whether the Newcomer’s Munch was still needed, since we were back to the 2007 bylaws. It was discussed that the Party Rule is that still a Member or potential Member must attend a Newcomer’s Munch, before they can attend a party.

It was brought up to have business cards with a line on them to put a date for the next Newcomer’s Munch for all Board Members to have. These HPEP cards were already purchased by MsJade and she will gladly turn them over to HPEP, with the receipt, for reimbursement. It was discussed to please, make sure and request permission – to pass these out at other club events, before doing so.

Education report:

No education has occurred, since the current Education Board Member was elected.
Events were planned for the March 2015’s, Kinky Karnival party.

Electra reported she did not have the list. VKD stated she had the list of presenters and would forward this to Electra. LadyA volunteered to give Electra a list of people in the community she works with and that would be willing to present educational demonstrations.
It was brought up by Kinky Cajun that we should consider adding an Education Munch, to the monthly schedule, in order to facilitate more Newcomer’s education.

We were requested to tap into other resources, of other local groups, to assist / collaborate on education efforts.

Sig Groups Report:

Littles sig – No report.
Hell sig – Postponed.
Switches sig – No report.
ALL SIG – February 23, 2015, Seventeen (17) in attendance.
Top of the slash – March 2, 2015, Ten (10) in attendance.
Sub SIG – February 16, 2015, Twenty (20) in attendance.

Old Business:

Question posted to the Members of the Board by acting Chair does everyone have what they need to fulfill their position, if not please submit an email to Donna with what they need.
Documentation for recovering archives, Goddess2you is handling – hopeful to be posted by next meeting.

New Business:

Discussion of where the monthly meeting will be held and when it will occur. It is agreed to remain at the same location and to have one month on a weekend and one month on a weekday (Odd Months/ Weekends and Even Months/Weekday). It is requested not to have it the day after the Newcomer’s Munch, by Membership, as it is too much in one week.

Secretary to send out Announcements via e-mail discussion is tabled. Announcements, for now, will continue to be made on the FetLife’s HPEP wall and hopefully, to the HPEP’s web page, once that has been updated.

Discussion of where event page notifications will be created – Motion is passed, they will continue to be on HPEP’s FetLife page.

Remaining petitions have been amended and they will be presented for voting on, without additional signatures necessary. All positions presented today, in the Special/Emergency Meeting passed. All the positions will be voted on at a Membership Meeting, at a future date not yet decided.

Discussion of bylaws and how the new 2007 adopted by laws by petition vote today will be addressed as the 2015 2nd edition bylaws are now immediately removed discussion tabled for further review of 2007 bylaws. Chairman wants to put together a committee to review these.


We have confirmation for this month party with DrSam, to occur at Heat.

DrSam has requested his comps to be upped from two (2) to three (3). He says the second Saturday of the month is open if HPEP wants to consider changing the party date. It is discussed among the Members and agreed, by the majority, to keep the party on the same date, as it is now.

It is, also, discussed to take DrSam to dinner in goodwill and to thank him. A suggestion was made by a Membership to take him to Outback Steakhouse, as he prefers that restaurant.

We are in negotiations with DrSam and requesting a six month contract between HEAT and HPEP.

We will be developing a walk-through form for before and after all parties. Shall be brought up the fact that we have this form and will forward it to us.

Music was discussed for the party and was agreed that we will be using mp3 or CDs in lieu of a DJ at this time.

DMing was discussed – the Head DM position specifically. It has been suggested to consider SadisticPleasurz. KinkyCajun is going to forward a copy of the DM rules to us.

Food was discussed we will be contacting Floyd about catering the party, if that is not negotiable then we will order pizza or do potluck.

It was discussed to accept nominations for a new Chair position. It is requested that anyone being nominated that he person making the nomination send the submission to the Board’s e-mail. Nominees will post the qualifications to a thread on the HPEP’s FetLife page and that will be closed, so no comments can be made – it is notification only.

There is a motion to make an amendment to the bylaws – to state this to the General Membership, like it is in the notes, on open positions announcements will be on the HPEP’s FetLife group page.

Next meeting to be tentatively held April 16, 2015. NOTE: The Meeting has now been changed to April 14th, due to availability at MidTown.

Meeting adjourned by Chairman at 5:02 p.m.