A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill
Meeting called to order by Lord_Maxximus @7:13PM, December 4, 2014

In Attendance
Board Members present:
Lord_MaXXimus, Chairman
EssieCorleone, Secretary
Cynnister, Treasurer
HellKittenJ, Membership Coordinator
QuirkyKimi, Volunteer & Charity Coordinator
SadisticLogic, Education Coordinator
VintageKinkyDoll, SIG Coordinator

Quorum met – 7 of 7 Board Members were present
A total of 8 members in attendance, see sign-in sheet for other attendees.

a) The minutes from October were read and approved.
b) The minutes from the previous meeting (November) were read and approved.
c) The minutes from the emergency meeting were read and approved.
Motion made to approve minutes of meetings – PASS
Motion made by: VintageKinkyDoll
2nd: EssieCorleone

SIG Coordinator
Alternative Lifestyle Relationships – November Munch – Sunday Nov 23, 2014 2-4pm @ Spaghetti Western Café. Topic was “Yearly Recap”, Approx. 35 in attendance
Upcoming munch January 25, 2015 2-4pm @Spaghetti Western Cafe

BIG/Little – November Munch – Tuesday Nov. 11 2014 7-9pm @ Theo’s. 11 signed in
November Craft Day – Turkey Crafting Day – Sunday Nov 16, 2014 2-8pm. 9 signed in
Upcoming munch on 9th, party night on 20th 7p-12m

HELL – November Event – Friday Nov 14, 2014 8-11pm “A Clockwork Orange”. 4 signed in
Upcoming event FREE @ Masterwhip Manor, Kennel & Iguana Habitat for “Gradiva”

Sub support – November Munch – Monday Nov 24, 2014 630-830pm @ undisclosed location
“Part 3 of 3 Labels & Titles”, 22 signed in
Upcoming munch December 15, 2014 630-830pm “open forum questions”

Switches – November Munch – Sunday Nov 9, 2014 2-4pm “Switching with another switch”. 12 signed in
Upcoming event up for vote now in the group

Top of the Slash – No report, will be back in January

Motion made to approve SIG report – PASS
Motion made by: EssieCorleone
2nd: VintageKinkyDoll

Membership Coordinator’s Newcomer Report
November 16th & December 2nd Newcomer’s munch had 10 new members present.
Motion made to approve Newcomer’s report – PASS
Motion made by: EssieCorleone
2nd: SadisticLogic

Treasurer’s Report
Opening Balance $2612.85
November HPEP Party $855.00
Bills $576.05
Ending Balance $2891.80
Motion made to approve Treasurer’s report – PASS
Motion made by: VintageKinkyDoll
2nd: Lord_MaXXimus

Dungeon Masters Report
Cindi_lou_Who was head DM for the November party.
The party went well. No incidents. We had more than enough DMs for the night. Will discuss scheduling and new DMs under new business.
Motion made to approve DM’s report – PASS
Motion made by: SadisticLogic
2nd: EssieCorleone

Old Business
1) Home Club for Colors.
-No movement was made for discussions with the Eagle by HKJ. Lord_MaXXimus will deal with them and let board members know by end of the month.
-Also will talk to Eagle about having HPEP’s LUEY42 reception there.

2) Other locations for parties and events.
-HOD venue open or limited access?
-As of now HOD will continue hosting HPEP parties.
-The issue from the FetLife controversy was personal and not related to a HOD/HPEP relationship
-Other locations are still being discussed for locations and distance for all members

3) Newcomer’s Packet
HellKittenJ will email Newcomer’s Packet to VintageKinkyDoll and EssieCorleone to review and change from Publisher into a more user friendly accessible program.

4) By-Laws
-QuirkyKimi did not have the opportunity to make changes to by-laws for review by board members.
-Due to content change as well as typographical corrections, numerous motions were voted on before preparation and distribution is available.
Motion made to have minutes prepared and approved by the board in 4 days and move general membership meeting in January instead of February to vote on new by-laws – FAIL
Motion made by: HellKittenJ
2nd: QuirkyKimi

Motion made to have minutes prepared by January 8th board meeting for approval by board and present to membership for vote at stated February meeting – PASS
Motion made by: VintageKinkyDoll
2nd: Lord_MaXXimus

Lord_MaXXimus called for a break at 8:00pm
Called back to order by Lord_MaXXimus at 8:15pm

1) DM’s
a) Board voted to accept the approval of the resignation of alexis as Head DM
Nomination made to elect Cindi_lou_Who as head DM – PASS
Motion made by: SadisticLogic
2nd: QuirkyKimi
b) HellKittenJ said MasterWolf from Austin is willing to come and teach a class to certify DMs as CoT for cost of transport and stay.
c) Cindi_lou_Who said MasterWalker is willing to teach a class to certify DMs as CoT with no expense
d) Discussion on what is the training that we are looking for to include in ALL DM training. Rope, needles, first aid, etc.
-HellKittenJ, Kinky_Cajun, sweetsublissa discussed the merits of each type of training and what had been discussed at previous meetings.
e) Discussion on having all current DMs and any new DMs certified and the decision of HPEP to use which certification
Motion made to have ALL DM’s be required to be CoT certified by Febuary 15, 2015 – PASS
Motion made by: VintageKinkyDoll
2nd: QuirkyKimi
-Trainers will be contacted and scheduled to comply with this schedule. Event will be posted as scheduled
f) Discussion had on all board members who want to should attend and get certified.

2) Party Themes
2015 parties were discussed and named. Charities and food will be discussed before each party to reach out to the community
January 24, 2015 – Bondage A Go-Go
February 28, 2015 – Scarlett Harlots (wear red for heart month & lovers)
March 28, 2015 – Kinky Karnivale – “Take a walk on the kinky side and learn your craft” (demo party and get to know the SIGs)
April 25, 2015 – Ponies & Pets at Play
Discussions of other party names and ideas on fundraisers and Gala were tabled until January

HellKittenJ excused herself from the meeting.

3) LUEY Agenda
Lord_MaXXimus will bring more information about LUEY at January’s meeting

4) HPEP Public Website & Contact
a) Kinky_Cajun approached board to have dead link to Toymakers SIG be removed and references to his Kinky Toymakers of Texas group cease calling it an HPEP SIG group. It was not, nor has it ever been a HPEP SIG.
Motion made to remove all dead links from public website – PASS
Motion made by: Lord_MaXXimus
2nd: VintageKinkyDoll
b) Discussion to have control of website should belong to HPEP Board of Directors. Numerous errors, information and links need to be updated by someone within the Board to keep information current and available to the public.
Discussion tabled until January meeting so information on site and what it entails can be discussed with alexis.

5) December Party Food
Food will be discussed and decided on through the month. Board will provide a meal together, like November.

6) Sign-in Sheets & Membership
a) All party sign in sheets are to be compiled by Membership Coordinator via RSVP party link on FetLife. At the end of the party, the original sheet will go to the Treasurer as an accounting of party and door finances. A copy will be scanned or emailed to Membership Coordinator to update membership rosters.
b) SIG sign-in sheets will be provided to SIG coordinator from group leaders and then copies provided to Membership Coordinator to update membership rosters.
c) Membership rosters should be updated and provided to the Board upon request.
d) Email will be sent to HKJ to request membership party rosters again.

LUEY42 is coming soon and details will be forthcoming

Closed Meeting
Lord_MaXXimus asked if any further business was to come before the board. None proposed.
Lord_MaXXimus closed the meeting at 9:26pm.