A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill
Meeting called to order by Lord_Maxximus @7:19PM, November 10, 2014

In Attendance
Board Members present:
Lord_MaXXimus, Chairman
Cynnister, Treasurer
HellKittenJ, Membership Coordinator
QuirkyKimi, Volunteer & Charity Coordinator
SadisticLogic, Education Coordinator

Board Members absent: (two)
Quorum met – 5 of 7 Board Members were present
A total of 14 members in attendance, see sign-in sheet for other attendees.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the previous meeting (October) were unavailable to be read and approved due to the resignation of the secretary.

Reports on Committees
SIG Coordinator
Alternative Lifestyle Relationships – no official report HKJ in attendance and said maybe 20 maybe 35 people present.
BIG/Little – 3 events have been set up for November and December. Previous meetings were great.
HELL – Lord_Maxximus has report and will present at next meeting.
Sub support – no official report, HKJ said their event is on the HPEP Schedule.
Switches – no official report Kinky_Cajun in attendance, 14 members present, “switching with other switches”.
Top of the Slash – no official report, will be on hiatus for November and December.

October 8th New Comers had 9 new members, for a total of 20 members.
November 5th New Comers had 4 new members present, for a total of 7 members. HJK believes the low attendance was due to the weather.
HKJ wants to invite other groups and SIGs to introduce their groups at the half way point of the meeting (around 4pm).

Dungeon Masters
At the last party there was only one DM per hour. At larger parties we should have one upstairs and one downstairs.
Need to get more certified DMs.
Sir James will offer a class in January (may only be available to SAF).
Kinky_Cajun is a certified DM.
Master Walker will be asked for DM information.
HKJ said all DM’s must be certified with Council Of Tribes. All DM’s will need to be checked out with COT and first aid, per HKJ.
Cindi_lou_Who is the assigned DM if Alexis isn’t available or in attendance. Alexis can appoint a DM for the party if she isn’t going to be available.
Last party at HOD someone slipped down stairs. HOD has since removed carpet on stairs.

Treasurer’s Report
Opening Balance $2396.89
October HPEP Party $790.00
Bills $623.00
Ending Balance $2612.45

Old Business
1) Home Club for Colors.
HCC meeting is November 19th.
Possibility of making Eagle a place to hold board meetings and hang colors.
Board will review location and report back in December.

2) HEAT & other locations for parties and events.
Discussion of Dr Sam and whether to continue relationship with parties and events.
HOD has agreed to host events and parties for an even cut of door fees.
Notice made that cars, people and location is safer at HOD.
Discussion of backup locations needed in case of issues with HOD.
o VFW& KoC were proposed, yet locations have morals clauses and will not allow group events.
o Firehouse Kennel proposed, members took issue with being too remote and open for a party location. Safety concerns brought up about woods, open areas and lots of setup issues within house and garage.
o HoustonKnight informed of possible location to come soon @Ella and 610. He will report back as soon as information becomes available.
o Discussion will be brought up at December meeting as more information is gathered

3) November Party “Babes in Toyland”
Charity event and donations changed from “Toys for Tots” to coats and blankets for the VA
Motion made to amend charity – PASS
Motion: HellKittenJ
2nd: SadisticLogic

Party food amended from potluck to catered by FLOYD
Motion made to amend party food – PASS
Motion: QuirkyKimi
2nd: HellKittenJ
Discussion of membership: FarfeluFatale said if informed of needed supplies she can provide day of.

4) By-Laws
QuirkyKimi has all the papers needed to type out and organize for the December meeting. By-laws tabled until December meeting and will be prepared and put for a vote to the membership.

Lord_Maxximus called for a break at 8:05pm
Called back to order by Lord_Maxximus at 8:20pm

New Business
1) Party Themes
The discussion to assign and name 2015 parties was tabled until December’s Meeting, including a SIG party.

2) Publisher
Discussion to buy a program “Publisher” by Cynnister to be able to put together notes and flyers for new member gatherings and at the parties.
Cost is approx. $109 for 1 licensed computer or $10 a month online for up to 5 licensed computers.
Motion made to purchase Publisher – FAIL
Discussion of membership: EsmeraldaVonKrau offered other program ideas. VintageKinkyDoll asked why program “Publisher” was the only program offered. Cynnister said it was the program Jenni28 used. HellKittenJ and SadisticLogic both discussed refusing to spend that money for that particular program for the board. Discussion will be held over until more information is offered by new secretary.

Discussion to reach out to Giotto to add his events and classes to the newcomer’s munch information packet and sweetsublissa will contact Bight for their information.

3) New Board Members
Resignation of Jenni28 as Secretary
Motion made to accept resignation – PASS
Motion: Lord_Maxximus
2nd: HellKittenJ

Party Coordinator was discussed as a position and for responsibilities.
QuirkiKimi was appointed by Board (was nominated, however position isn’t a listed role in the by-laws, so appointment was made) for this position.
Discussion of responsibilities – water, coke, working with FLOYD on food and talking with FarfeluFatale about possible supplies needed day of party.

Appointment of 2 Board Positions
Nomination for EsmeraldaVonKrau as Secretary for remaining term – EsmeraldaVonKrau elected
Motion: QuirkiKimi
2nd: Lord_Maxximus
Nomination for Kinky_Cajun and VintageKinkyDoll as SIG Coordinator for remaining term- VintageKinkyDoll elected.
Motion: QuirkiKimi
2nd: Sadistic Logic
QuirkiKimi brought discussion, KC has two groups that were previously under the HPEP umbrella and withdrew them from HPEP. It is a conflict of interest to become a Coordinator of SIGs that he doesn’t want to belong too. HellKittenJ, abstained from discussion.

Financial Auditor
VintageKinkyDoll volunteered to be financial auditor for monthly treasurer’s report.

Member At-Large
sweetsublissa volunteered to be an assistant member for any necessary back up duties to the board
Motion made to accept “Member At Large” – PASS
Motion: HellKittenJ
2nd: QuirkiKimi

4) FLOYD’s Trailer
Discussion by Cindi_lou_Who about what he needs for his medallion, City of Houston fees and the costs of proposed to legalize his truck – approx. $3700
Kinky_Cajun proposed paying him for his services this month to help him with his fees. QuirkiKimi and HellKittenJ did not want to set a precident of paying for someone to cater.
Cindi_lou_Who proposed bringing a pickle jar to leave by the food table for “tips” that FLOYD can use
Lord_Maxximus mentioned that FLOYD has a gofundme account. HellKittenJ put up a thread on Fet for the membership, listing that account.


Closed Meeting
Lord_Maxximus asked if any further business was to come before the board. None proposed.
Lord_Maxximus closed the meeting at 8:49pm.