HPEP New Board Member Post Election Meeting Minutes
14 June, 2015
Meeting began at 4:53 p.m. following the election.
Location: Midtown Bar and Grill front patio
Minutes taken by CatVain, Secretary


hersheyoxo, as former Chairman, was asked to join the board meeting to pass on any pertinent information from the preceding board.

KC: motion to delegate and decide on positions and duties of general board members.
By unanimous decision:
Membership Coordinator is HellKittenJ
Education Coordinator is LadyAurora
SIG and Charity Coordinator is Slave_snap_snap

KC: Brings up the question of whether or not we want to fill the seventh position on the board.
HKJ: noted that smaller groups come to agreements more easily
It was noted that we are currently capable of fulfilling all duties
It was brought up that VintageKinkyDoll, while unsure at this time if she has time to serve on the board, will know in a month and may be willing to volunteer for a position.
Unanimously agreed upon decision was made to wait on the decision to fill the position to see if it is necessary for us to do so.

There are bins, etc. that will be handed over on Monday from hersheyoxo to HellKittenJ.
HCC meeting is Wednesday. hersheyoxo will remain as representative for that meeting. Dues of $125 are due this month. HPEP has available funds for this in cash.

Moneys and accounting will be handed over from HellKittenJ to Luluann by Wednesday.

DBA: KC has already talked to HarmonyinDuality, and it can be switched over or a new one opened. It was recommended that three names be on the DBA. By unanimous decision those three names will be Kinky_Cajun, Luluann, and CatVain.

hersheyoxo: old business-
Party planning has been largely taken care of, to be discussed later in the meeting. HPEP@gmail.com : logins to be set up/transferred.

HPEP Board profile on fetlife to be handed over. Password was given, to be changed.
They have been working with Mohaimen and Shadowoxo on the website. Moh has the template completed and it will work on the new server. The dues for the old server are due in January. The new server will be $150/year to be paid annually. It was discussed that many servers only require payment for a domain every five years. Options for using a different host will be considered. It was decided to invite Mohaimen to the next board meeting to discuss and inform us about his work on the website. Hersheyoxo will continue to assist with importing information into the new template. HPEP files will be downloaded. As she is assisting with this, hersheyoxo will continue to have access.

She suggested to keep control of fetlife threads. HKJ suggested that we do not allow other groups to advertise their groups on the official HPEP fetlife board. KC plans to be diligent about the no drama policy. It was suggested to retrieve old meeting minutes off Alexis’ HPEP page. Shadowoxo will add new board member emails to the site, and set up board emails for all of us.

For plans to update the website, hersheyoxo will be interfacing with Moh and Alexis.
There was a brief discussion about banned members accessing information from and joining the Official HPEP page on fetlife. No one will be blocked unless they attempt to join that group.

KC revisits party planning topic:
Party theme: set- Fairy Tales, Fetish style
Demo: set- Dollification
Food and Cake: set- HKJ and Luluann are making food and purchasing a cake from Sams
Ice: to be purchased and brought by HKJ, purchase place does not give receipts, but charges $1 for 10 lbs of ice. It was agreed that HKJ can be reimbursed without receipt for $4 for bringing 40 lbs of ice rather than spend more at a different location.
DM’s – set: enough DM’s have been scheduled for the entire event.
Walkthroughs: before covered by KC, Luluann, HKJ, who plan to arrive early, after covered by LadyAurora and CatVain who plan to stay late.
Setup/cleanup: set- same as above.
Music: set up by Slave_snap_snap
Door: set-board members to take turns and provide relief for each other.

HKJ: has papers from Cynnister which will be transferred to Luluann.

KC: Starts discussion on when to schedule board meetings.
Sundays seem to be the best available day for all of our schedules, especially if held early enough in the day to not overlap with SIG events. May not be held on the same Sunday every month due to Luluann’s work schedule occasionally requiring her to work an entire weekend, this schedule floats but is set well enough in advance to accommodate it. The next board meeting will be held Sunday July 12th from 1-3 p.m., most likely at Midtown Bar and Grill.

The party for next month is being held on July 25th.
All upcoming events will be put on google calendar. Theme for the next event was suggested as Heros and Villians, all agreed. Demo to be done by Kinky_Cajun on Roll Play. Charity suggestion is Wounded Warriors, but not confirmed.

A discussion about HEAT as a future venue needs to be held, and details renegotiated, with Dr. Sam. KC will set up a meeting. To attend: KC, HKJ, CV. Issue at HEAT to be considered is parking. Always keep our eyes open for other venue options.

Board Meeting organization and rules will be presented to the populace who attend at the next board meeting. Other board or officer positions will be considered, to include the necessity of a Sergeant at Arms, and a Head DM.

Board members will be comp’ed at parties.
DM’s will be comp’ed at parties.
Demonstration Personnel will be comp’ed at parties.
If the number of comp’ed persons required exceeds the number of comps allowed by the HEAT contract, HPEP will pay for those entry fees out of it’s own funds.

Meeting ended at 6:05 p.m.