Requirement for Sponsoring a Guest to a HPEP Party
•Must be a active member in good standing with HPEP to sponsor a new guest
•Minimum attendance to at least two (2) HPEP parties within the previous 6 months before member can sponsor a new guest.
•May only sponsor one (1) person or couple to a party. If you have special circumstances, please contact the HPEP Membership Coordinator or a board member.
•Must accompany guest for entry, attendance thru out the party, & leave with or after the guest leaves.

Requirement for Vetting a Guest to a HPEP Party

•A guest can be vetted in by a current HPEP member if the guest is currently involved with a similar social group as HPEP.
•If you would like to vet a guest into a party, please try to contact a HPEP Board Member or the HPEP Membership Coordinator prior to the party to request the guest name be placed on the Guest list.