HPEP is BYOB and we all need to remember this.

We are all adults and I believe we are all aware that we do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to drink.


We also have party rules which we give a copy of to everyone attending a Newcomers munch. However for those of you who are sponsored in we post them in the sticky’s. Here is a link to the HPEP Party Rules

These are the two rules we are doing this PSA about specifically.


•Anyone deemed impaired may be denied admission or be asked to leave. You may be restricted from playing if your actions or demeanor indicate that you would be an unsafe player. This will be at the DM’s discretion.

As a BYOB venue there is to be no drinking or serving or sharing of alcohol in the parking lot. Please let the person at the check-in desk know if you have brought a bottle or drinks with you. What you bring to drink is for your consumption only and not to be shared.

There are tops and bottoms in the scene that will not play with other tops or bottoms that have been drinking. When negotiating a scene please be responsible and let the person you are negotiating with know if you have been drinking. On the other hand Tops and bottoms also have the responsibility to ask if they person they are negotiating has been drinking as well. Communication people! It works and keeps the misunderstandings down.

So please enjoy and party responsibly. Please Prearrange your transportation or if you are the bar tender you be the responsible one.

If something happens where you need a ride let a DM or Board Member know and do not be belligerent. We care about our members. 🙂 .08 is the legal limit in Texas and a DUI is expensive.

Just making sure we are all on the same page of the Adult Handbook.

This PSA has been brought to you by the letter R for Responsible!

HPEP Board