HPEP Board Meeting

November 2017

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill

Meeting called to order by VintageKinkyDoll @ 5:58PM, November 5, 2017

In Attendance

Board Members present:

VintageKinkyDoll – Chairman

Minnylynx – Secretary

Luluann – Treasurer

Aide-de-camp – Education Coordinator

DaddysMarionette – SIG Coordinator

Momma_Lynn – Charity Coordinator

Quorum met – 6 of 7 Board Members were present

A total of 3 members in attendance. See attached list for attendees.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous meeting in October were read and approved.


SIG Coordinator Report

HELL – cancelled

Switches – 11 present, “First realization/interest in being a switch”

Sub Support – 20 present, “Open discussion on service, consent, and M/s when one partner is ill”

TSK – 8 present, “Favorite ways to start a scene. Reading a bottom to decide if/when play level can be increased. Ways to control energy flow during a scene.”

LoneStar Leather – cancelled

Houstonian Primals – 11 present, “Round Table”, 15 present, Steak night

Houston Babygirls, Littles & Pets – 8 present, Carving pumpkins

Newcomer’s Report

  • Oct 4th – 14 new members present
  • Oct 15th – 8 new members present

Charity Report

October’s charity was the Houston Food Bank. We received $31 cash and items were donated in the club’s name.

November’s charity is the Toys for Tots.

Head DM Report

  • No issues
  • No First Aid

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance: $3393.41

Bills: $523.10

Deposits: $40.00

B&BW Funds:$661.00

Account Balance: 2910.31

Final Available Balance: $

Media Coordinator’s Report

Visits to the webpage: 1 per week

New members: 8

Events added: all January

All events and threads have been changed to “authored by: HPEP Admin”

Leather Liaison’s Report

Leather Events attended for HPEP: 2

Bar night & HCC meeting

Old Business

  1. HCC Meeting

Discussed what we will do at next month’s meeting.

  1. HPEP run pins

We need to order pins for upcoming LUEY. An offer of a donation to purchase the run pins will be confirmed before ordering.

Motion: Order a minimum number of HPEP pins to spend estimated $250 and sell for $5 each and offer them to other leather clubs at LUEY.

Made by: aide-de-camp

2nd: MinnyLynx


New Business

  1. Changing board roles

With recent updates and changes made to activities and club events, we have discussed the responsibilities of each elected board member and it has been proposed to take the Media Coordinator from an appointed position to an elected board member position. Charity coordinator will be absorbed by other board members and appointed upon the new board year.

Motion: Change elected Board member positions in the bylaws from “charity coordinator” to “media coordinator”.

Made by: MommaLynn

2nd: W84


  1. November Party

Walk through – Dominious

Ice & drinks – lulu

Food – VKD & Minny

Door – lulu & Marionette

Final Walk through – Dominious

7-12: Luluann

8-1: MommaLynn

8-1: Marionette

8-1: Minny

9-130: Willing84

9-130: aide-de-camp

7-130: VKD

  1. Bar Night Schedule

December 1st Schedule:




  1. HPEP Adventures & Schedules

Adventures will be setup each quarter in the 2nd month of the quarter. Events will be posted with the yearly schedule in December.

  1. Social Media Accounts

Proposed Facebook, Instagram and/or Tumblr accounts to continue to keep our members informed of the group goings on. Discussion had decided that violates our core tenants of member privacy by offering a potential source of vanilla name information. We will keep the .org site and FetLife presence only.

  1. DM Classes and B&BW team setups

Class will be hosted and held 2nd weekend in March. Shooter and Dominious will get their potential team together and everyone must be in attendance for this class to participate in Black & Blue Weekend Security Team.

  1. LUEY

Tabled until December. HCC will set schedules at November 15th meeting.



Meeting Closed

VintageKinkyDoll asked if any further business was to come before the board – none proposed.

VintageKinkyDoll closed the meeting at 7:18PM