HPEP HELL was born in 1998 from what was previously the HPEP Reading Circle.

We now meet in Alief/West Side.

Curious about the acronym?

“Houston Erotic Literature Lovers”

Well , it turned out that kinksters like naughty movies too, so HELL morphed into a book AND movie night, but the name stuck!

In the past 14 years we have become movie-centric by members’ choice, but i am seeing a lot more folks into literature lately, and would like to steer HELL back to a more 50-50
approach – IF that is what HPEP members desire!

Currently we meet in a private residence the 2nd Friday of every month at 8 p.m.

Announcements about the meeting will be made the Monday of that week here and on other HPEP Groups/calendar to be determined later.

So i’d like to invite you all* to “Go to HELL” ( Or should that be “cum to HELL”?)

“Mistress” of HELL

Please feel free to use this as a Discussion Group about the meetings and any related topics i.e.: BDSM books, movies, anything HPEP…

“HELL”:Movies for the Kinky
in Houston, TX:



Houston, TX. group meets the Second Friday of the month at 8 PM in a private home for movie viewings. Contact [MWvixen] [] for more information and an address. You’ll need to be known by them or come with references. SW Houston/Alief.

A discussion group for those interested in viewing all types of movies that contain S&M, Fetish or D/s elements, including mainstream, art and cult films. Movie suggestions are highly encouraged.

a real-time group in TX that has been having a monthly BDSM/Erotica movie night for over 15 years.

Basic HPEP SIG guidelines – must have attended a Newcomers’ Meeting or other HPEP function- when contacting me for directions, you need to identify yourself, your relationship to HPEP/HELL, and a few references if you are new would be helpful.

-Please see the HPEP main Group for any other information – don’t forget the stickies!


IF you need any information or have any question send us message