HPEP Board Meeting
June 2017

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill
Meeting called to order by VintageKinkyDoll @ 6:04PM, June 4, 2017

In Attendance
Board Members present:
VintageKinkyDoll – Chairman
Minnylynx – Secretary
Luluann – Treasurer
Willing84 – Membership Coordinator
ReadyToPls – Charity Coordinator
Aide-de-camp – SIG Coordinator
Quorum met – 6 of 6 Board Members were present

A total of 8 members in attendance. See attached list for attendees.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the previous meeting in May were read and approved.

SIG Coordinator Report
HELL – May 12, 2 present – “The Story of O”
Switches – cancelled for Mother’s Day
Sub Support – May 22, 18 present, “Styles of Submission”
TSK – May 1, 8 present, “Open Discussion”
LoneStar Leather – May 21, 3 present, “Round Table Discussion”
Houstonian Primals – May 6, steak night 15 present, and May 16-munch, 10 present, “Open”
Houston Babygirls, Littles & Pets – May 9, 16 present “Rules in a BLP Dynamic”

Newcomer’s Report
May 3rd – 11 new members present
May 21st – 3 new members present

Charity Report
May’s Charity was the Houston SPCA. We collected $131 in cash donations to donate to this awesome organization.

June’s party charity will be Camp Hope. The money collected will be used to purchase items requested by the organization. We will purchase the items and get them delivered to the charity in the HPEP’s name.

Head DM Report
Discussed in Executive Session

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance: $2311.12
Bills: $381.84
Deposits: $487.73
Final Balance: $2417.01

Media Coordinator’s Report
Visits to the webpage:
New members: 12
Events added: 40

Leather Liaison’s Report
Leather Events attended for HPEP: 3 – HCC Meeting, May Bar Night & June Bar Night
June 2nd, Bar night charity donations: $228

Old Business

1) HCC Meeting
VintageKinkyDoll attended for the monthly HCC Meeting. Elections were held and Sir Robert Helm was elected as the new Chairman of HCC.

Planning for LUEY has begun and more details will being coming soon

2) Bar Night – June
HPEP had its bar night at the Ripcord and served “Black & Blue Balls” and “Banana Pudding” shots. We had a nice turnout and made $228 in donations for Camp Hope.

3) Black & Blue Weekend Event 2017
Vendor Fair: 3-745pm. We have 10 vendors, to cover a variety of toys, clothing, jewelry and misc items.

Friday – Party
Tied for Your Pleasure

Saturday Vendor Fair –
Pain Mart: Goodies Galore!

Saturday Classes –
“Edgeliving: Would You Die For Me?” presented by MasterJim and slave marsha

Saturday Party –
Three Ring Circus of Pain with Rubber Corps

Sunday Party –
Encore! Encore!

Elections – the election committee will be asked to proceed over elections under the rules set forth in the HPEP Election Guidelines. Election committee includes, TexasLady4You, Daddy QBall, ____________

Print Materials, ticket site and decorations – ticket site has been completed and is live for sales. Commemorative bracelets have been ordered and received for all ticket tiers. Collector gifts are completed. We need to get poster boards, party rules and programs printed. We also need to put together the boxes.

Nightly tickets: $20 each night, provided with a paper bracelet
Weekend tickets: $40 for the weekend, provided with a commemorative bracelet

Friday night
MinnyLynx and VintageKinkyDoll will do a black & blue spread of food

Saturday night
Each board members is responsible for bringing two dishes to feed the masses.

Sunday brunch
MinnyLynx and VintageKinkyDoll will do a brunch type spread.

Thursday: All
Friday: 7-lulu, RTP, 8-ML, VKD, 9-W84, adc
Saturday: allday-ML, VKD, 7-lulu, RTP, 8-W84, adc
Sunday: 11-RTP, lulu, ML, VKD 12-W84, adc

4) New Website
The new website has gone live and ReadyToPls has maintained the event posts, new member forums and the overall website health. We will continue to update the text and bring it current with information.

5) Membership Roster
The membership roster is completed and has been saved as a document for the Membership Coordinator to maintain an active HPEP membership. As older members come to events it will be easier to add them to the list as grandfathered members.

New Business
1) 2017-2018 Yearly Setup
a. August
a.i. Theme – Women On Top
a.ii. Party Demo – Pegging
a.iii. Charity – Houston Women’s Center
a.iv. Education Munch – Pegging
a.v. Bar drink – Shooters
b. September
b.i. Theme – Go To The Principle’s Office
b.ii. Party Demo – Spanking
b.iii. Charity – Teacher’s Aid Food Bank
b.iv. Education Munch – Rough Body Play
b.v. Bar drink –
c. October
c.i. Theme – Horns & Halos
c.ii. Party Demo – Fire Play
c.iii. Charity – Houston Food Bank
c.iv. Education Munch – Fire Play
c.v. Bar drink – Fire Balls, Black Cats & Black Widows
d. November
d.i. Theme – Leather & Lace
d.ii. Party Demo – Boot Blacking
d.iii. Charity – Toys For Tots
d.iv. Education Munch – Leather History & Boot Blacking
d.v. Bar drink – Pumpkin Pie
e. December
e.i. Theme – Grinch Stole Christmass
e.ii. Party Demo – Littles
e.iii. Charity – Ronald McDonald House
e.iv. Education Munch – Sensual Domination
e.v. Bar drink – Peppermint
f. January
f.i. Theme – Bleed For Me
f.ii. Party Demo – Knives/Blood Play
f.iii. Charity – OMEGA House
f.iv. Education Munch – Blood Play
f.v. Bar drink – Red Silk Panties
g. February
g.i. Theme – Fairy Tales Day
g.ii. Party Demo – Marionetting
g.iii. Charity – Tony’s Place
g.iv. Education Munch –
g.v. Bar drink – Cotton Candy w/sprinkles
h. March
h.i. Theme – Something On A Stick
h.ii. Party Demo – Canes
h.iii. Charity – Recipes For Success
h.iv. Education Munch – High Protocol
h.v. Bar drink – Mint Pudding
i. April
i.i. Theme – Everyone Is Getting Laid
i.ii. Party Demo – Waterboarding
i.iii. Charity – Sea Turtle Inc
i.iv. Education Munch – Waterboarding
i.v. Bar drink – Pineapple Upside Down
j. May
j.i. Theme – USO-Anchor’s Aweigh
j.ii. Party Demo – Rope
j.iii. Charity – Star of Hope
j.iv. Education Munch – Rope
j.v. Bar drink – Firecracker Shooters

2) Executive Session 3
Black & Blue 2018
Details about 2018 will be held in executive session and through the planning committee until 2018.

3) Executive Session 2
Minutes are located at execsession2-june2017.doc

4) Executive Session 3
Minutes are located at execsession3-june2017.doc


Meeting Closed
VintageKinkyDoll asked if any further business was to come before the board – none proposed.
VintageKinkyDoll closed the meeting at 8:50PM