HPEP Board Meeting
April 2017

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill
Meeting called to order by VintageKinkyDoll @ 6:00PM, April 2, 2017

In Attendance
Board Members present:
VintageKinkyDoll – Chairman
Minnylynx – Secretary
Luluann – Treasurer
Willing84 – Membership Coordinator
ReadyToPls – Charity Coordinator
Aide-de-camp – SIG Coordinator
Quorum met – 6 of 6 Board Members were present

A total of 5 members in attendance. See attached list for attendees.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the previous meeting in April were read and approved.

SIG Coordinator Report
HELL – Mar 10, cancelled
Switches – Mar 12, 12 present, “Things you hate as a bottom, but want to do as a Top”
Sub Support – Mar 27, 24 present, “Toy bags and aftercare bags for bottoms”
TSK – Mar 6, 6 present, “Dealing with past partners in the scene”
LoneStar Leather – Mar 19, 1 present, “Round table discussion”
Houstonian Primals – Mar 11, steak night 12 present, and Mar 21-munch, 4 present, “Round table discussion”
Houston Babygirls, Littles & Pets – Mar 21, 4 present “Beauty & Beast movie night”

Newcomer’s Report
Mar 1st – ____ new members present
Mar 19th – ____ new members present

Charity Report
March’s Charity was the Camp Hope. We collected $1228 in cash donations and silent auction proceeds to donate to this awesome organization.

April’s party charity will be the Recipes for Success. The money collected will be used to purchase items requested by the organization. We will purchase the items and get them delivered to the charity in the HPEP’s name.

Head DM Report

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance: $5515.55
Bills: $1113.18
Deposits: $300.00
Final Balance: $4402.37

Old Business

1) HCC Meeting
Willing84 attended and cast vote for HPEP’s approval of the bylaws. Next month will be HCC Elections.

2) Silent Auction
Thank you to all who participated and donated items for this event. It helped us to raise over $1200 to buy items for Camp Hope. We had 22 items go up for auction. Because of the use of credit cards, we did have to pay fees, but it helped the bidding go higher than by just cash. Our fees amounted to $71, so we spent $1138 on items.

3) Education Munches and Party Demos
Apr 22 – Party Demo – Dollification demo and Q&A session, presented by LadyA and VintageKinkyDoll
May 20 – cleaning HEAT
May 27 – Party Demo – pups & kitties
June 17 – N/A
June 23 – Party Demo – Shattered Pulse
June 24 – Party Demo – Rubber Corps
June 25 – Party Demo –

4) Bar Night
April 7th @ Ripcord
Black and blue balls drink

We will need to purchase drink mixes and fruit garnishes. We will also be able to purchase vodka from Ripcord, with cash, to mix.

8-12: All
9-1: All
10-2: All

We ALL must get our TABC Certificates by Wednesday. Giving a minimum of 48 hours to have them processed by the state.

New Business
1) Executive Session 1
Executive Session minutes included as AprilExecSession1.doc (KWM)

2) MickeyStewart possibly doing Official HPEP items for sale at B&B
We have contracted him to engrave the HPEP B&BW gifts. In future years we may reach out for him to do all engraving and to be the official HPEP vendor table. We will contract to buy items and have him engrave, then proceeds from the sales will fund future HPEP logo items.

3) Board Officers listed and assigned
Under 5.2.1. of the Bylaws, officers are listed as, but not limited to Head DM and Webmaster. These offices are appointed by the board and under 7.1, an amendment has been made to include: Sergeant At Arms, Leather Liaison, and Media Coordinator.

a) SergeantAtArms

b) Leather Liaison

c) Media Coordinator

4) Black & Blue
Vendor Fair: 3-7pm. TheCowboy will be in charge of vendors. 10 vendor slots available and must let him know by April 15th. After that date, they will be open to general public vendors, not by invitation.

Friday – Party
Come Tie One On
Bound For Fun
Roped Into Fun
Bound for Glory
Exhibiting Restraint
Tied for Your Pleasure

Saturday Vendor Fair –
Ohhh, Shiny

Saturday Party –
Send In The Clowns
Three Ring Circus of Pain

Sunday Party –
Let’s Do It Again
Encore! Encore!

Elections – the election committee will be asked to proceed over elections under the rules set forth in the HPEP Election Guidelines.

Print Materials, ticket site and decorations – we will begin getting those done as the themes and party titles are picked

Nightly tickets: $20 each night, provided with a paper bracelet
Weekend tickets: $40 for the weekend, provided with a commerative bracelet

Dates for sale?
April 23, tickets will go up for sale and the tshirts will go live at the same time.

5) Membership Requirements
According to Bylaws 2.1.2. you must attend a HPEP Newcomer’s Munch or a HPEP orientation.

We are having people who attend a 5 minute party rule recap at the parties thinking they are members and can then sponsor people or come to a party with no sponsor.

Amendment made to change bylaws to read:
2.1.2. You must attend a HPEP Newcomer’s Mumch

6) New Website
We are going to be working on a new website to implement by May 1st. This will bring us into the website age and will also make it more user friendly and able to have greater control than we do now.

7) Hotel
Appointment on May 5, 2017 to talk to hotel and set up the venue for Black & Blue Weekend. VintageKinkyDoll will be the contact for the hotel and vendors. VKD will report back at the May Board Meeting to discuss a contract and details for the 2018 B&BW.

8) April Party Details
Walk through – Dominious
Food – VKD & Minny
Ice – Lulu
Drinks – Lulu
Door – Lulu & Kristy
Close – Dominious
List – Willing84
Demo – Dollification demo by LadyA & VintageKinkyDoll

Board coverage for party:
7-12: RTP, lulu
8-1: adc, minny
9-1: W84, VKD


Meeting Closed
VintageKinkyDoll asked if any further business was to come before the board – none proposed.
VintageKinkyDoll closed the meeting at 7:23PM