HPEP Board Meeting
March 2017

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill
Meeting called to order by VintageKinkyDoll @ 6:02PM, March 5, 2017

In Attendance
Board Members present:
VintageKinkyDoll – Chairman
Minnylynx – Secretary
Luluann – Treasurer
Willing84 – Membership Coordinator
Electra- – Education Coordinator
ReadyToPls – Charity Coordinator
Aide-de-camp – SIG Coordinator
Quorum met – 7 of 7 Board Members were present

A total of 5 members in attendance. See attached list for attendees.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the previous meeting in February were read and approved.


Charity Report
February’s Charity was the Ronald McDonald House. We collected $381 in cash donations and other items to donate to this awesome organization.

March’s party charity will be the Camp Hope. The money collected will be used to purchase items requested by the organization. We will purchase the items and get them delivered to the charity in the HPEP’s name.

Head DM Report
No incidents

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance: $5615.75
Bills: $1749.75
Deposits: $350.00
Final Balance: $4216.00

Old Business

1) Executive Session
Executive Session minutes included as MarchExecSession1.doc

2) HCC Meeting
Held on Feb 8 @Tony’s Corner Pocket. Meeting notes are attached as Board Meeting addendum 1. For the March meeting they will be discussing and voting on bylaw changes and recapping LUEY 44.

3) LUEY 2017
We kicked off the LUEY celebration on Thursday at Ripcord, with our Black & Blue Balls drink and a King Cake. Everything went off really well and the party was fantastic. The t-shirts were sought after and something we need to discuss as a possible money maker.

Registration – Friday @730pm at Tony’s Corner Pocket. We had three shifts of 30 minutes each and mingled throughout the crowd the rest of the night.

The ad for LUEY was gorgeous, thanks to MinnyLynx and hopefully will grab some more attention for the newcomers and the club.

TFL Hat & Show of Shows– pic attached was completed by aide-de-camp and worn at the Show of Shows by VKD. We had a great skit and club participation. The board danced to “She’s A Freak” and performed “A parody of 50 shades of gray”

4) Membership Roster
As discussed last meeting, it is to be up to date and running by the end of March. Willing84 and Minnylynx are working together to have that together.

New Business
1) March Party Details
Walk through – Dominious
Food – VKD & minny
Ice – Luluann
Drinks – Luluann
Door – Luluann & aide-de-camp
Close – Dominious
List – Willing84
Demo – Wax demo by Ruthie

Board coverage for party:
7-12: Lulu, Electra, adc
8-1: Minny, VKD, RtP, W84

2) March Silent Auction
Each board member and officer will donate 2 items for a silent auction. Electra will run the silent auction in lieu of a demo. Run from 830-11. Minnylynx will upload the pictures to the Board profile everyday to give people a preview of the items.

3) Education Munches and Party Demos
Mar 18 – LadyAurora will present an education munch on “Dirty Talk”.
Mar 25 – Party Demo – silent auction for Camp Hope, each board member will provide 2 items to be auctioned off
Apr 15 –
Apr 22 – Party Demo –

4) Black & Blue Weekend
Thursday: setup for 2 hours and deco to be relatively the same as last year

Friday: Shattered Pulse will do demo on rope and predicament bondage

Saturday: We are searching for a new direction on the Saturday demo

Sunday: party with elections

Vendor Fair: 3-7pm. TheCowboy will be in charge of vendors. 10 vendor slots available and must let him know by June 15th.

Friday – Party
Saturday Vendor Fair –
Saturday Party –
Sunday Party –

Elections – the election committee will be asked to proceed over elections under the rules set forth in the HPEP Election Guidelines.

Print Materials, ticket site and decorations – we will beging getting those done as the themes and party titles are picked

Nightly tickets: $20 each night, provided with a paper bracelet
Weekend tickets: $40 for the weekend, provided with a commerative bracelet

Dates for sale?
April 23, tickets will go up for sale and the tshirts will go live at the same time.


Meeting Closed
VintageKinkyDoll asked if any further business was to come before the board – none proposed.
VintageKinkyDoll closed the meeting at 7:48PM