HPEP Board Meeting
January 2017

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill
Meeting called to order by VintageKinkyDoll @ 6:10PM, January 8, 2016

In Attendance
Board Members present:
VintageKinkyDoll – Chairman
Minnylynx – Secretary
Luluann – Treasurer
ReadyToPls – Charity Coordinator
Aide-de-camp – SIG Coordinator
Quorum met – 5 of 6 Board Members were present

A total of 4 members in attendance. See attached list for attendees.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the previous meeting in December were read and approved.

SIG Coordinator Report
HELL – Dec 9, 4 present “Venus & Fur”
Switches – Dec 11, 23 present, “General Switches Topic of Discussion”
Sub Support – Took December off
TSK – Dec 5, 8 present, “Top Emotional Head Space”
LoneStar Leather – December off
Houstonian Primals – Dec 3-steak night 12 present, and Dec 14-munch, 20 present, “Claiming & Release”
Houston Babygirls, Littles & Pets – no events until January

Newcomer’s Report
Dec 7th – 11 new members present
Dec 18th – 8 new members present

Charity Report
December’s Charity was Tony’s Place. We collected $270 in cash donations and numerous bags of clothes and other items to donate to this awesome organization.

January’s party charity will be Houston SPCA. The money collected will be used to purchase items requested by the organization. We will purchase the items and get them delivered to the charity in the HPEP’s name.

Head DM Report
We need to acquire the 30.07 and 30.06 signs to hang at HEAT to abide by our no guns rules.
This month had a warning issued to two members for excessive alcohol usage. They will be watched going forward and have the potential to be removed from the party.
We will be bringing Lysol to the next party to spray down all sitting spaces.

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance: $5906.10
Bills: $351.52
Deposits: $300.00
Final Balance: $5615.75

Old Business

1) Newcomer’s Book
aide-de-camp will finish adding the new items and send to VKD for printing.

2) HEAT Contract
Contracts have been signed by DrSam as HEAT representative and VKD as HPEP representative. We have our dates scheduled and a stand-alone contract for the Black & Blue Weekend.

New Business
1) Board Appointment – Education Coordinator
Motion to appoint Electra- as the Education Coordinator for the remainder of the board year. APPROVED.
Motion: VintageKinkyDoll
2nd: MinnyLynx

2) LUEY 2017

Ad – due in January
Minnylynx will design an ad for the brochure

Theme – Unity

Drink – “Black & Blue Balls”. Blue curacao, vodka, lemonaide with frozen blackberries

TFL Hat – aide-de-camp is making

Reception ideas & Decorations – we will hope for Thursday night and try to get that slot at the HCC meeting

Registration – we will hope for Friday night and try to get that slot at the HCC meeting

Dinner @ Neon Boots – all will attend

T-shirts – order separate HPEP shirts for Thursday and Friday nights for board and voluntolds.

Skit – we will put up a thread on Fet to get participation for our skit

1) January Party Details
Walk through – Cowboy_
Food – VKD & minny
Ice – Electra-
Drinks – VKD & minny
Door – VKD & adc
Close – Cowboy_
List – W84

Board coverage for party:
7-12: W84, minny, Electra_
8-1: VKD, adc, RTP
9-1: adc

2) Education Munches
Jan 21 – 10 common mistakes when looking for “The One”
Feb 18 – wax & crayons
Mar 18 – dirty talk

3) HPEP Adventures
Adding the First Friday Happy Hour as an HPEP event. This month will include karaoke. February can be painting? And March is unknown as of yet.

4) Pimping Events
M-lulu, T-W84, T-Electra-, W-ML, Th-adc, F-RtP, S-VKD

5) Black & Blue Weekend
Thursday: setup for 2 hours

Friday: Shattered Pulse will do demo on rope and predicament bondage

Saturday: We are searching for a new direction on the Saturday demo

Sunday: party with elections

Vendor Fair: 3-7pm. TheCowboy will be in charge of vendors. 10 vendor slots available and must let him know by June 15th.

Theme: ??

Elections – the election committee will be asked to proceed over elections under the rules set forth in the HPEP Election Guidelines.

6) DM Rules
Hrudwulf will be coming into town to do a DM training for the HPEP core, to become teachers and establish a new method of certifying DM’s in Houston.


Meeting Closed
VintageKinkyDoll asked if any further business was to come before the board – none proposed.
VintageKinkyDoll closed the meeting at 7:42PM