HPEP Board Meeting
November 2016

A regular meeting of the HPEP Board of Directors was held at Midtown Bar & Grill
Meeting called to order by VintageKinkyDoll @ 6:00PM, November 6, 2016

In Attendance
Board Members present:
VintageKinkyDoll – Chairman
Minnylynx – Secretary
Luluann – Treasurer
Willing84 – Membership Coordinator
ReadyToPls – Charity Coordinator
Quorum met – 5 of 6 Board Members were present

A total of 5 members in attendance.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the previous meeting in October were read and approved.

SIG Coordinator Report
HELL – Oct 14th, 4 present, “Preaching to the Perverted”
Switches – Oct 9th, 9 present, “Being a Switch and not being true to who you are where you are at. Giving in to the other side when you are not in that head space.”
Sub Support – Oct 24th, 19 present, “How have your fantasies, limits and expectations changed through time.”
TSK – Oct 3rd, 6 present, “Sub frenzy and Top Frenzy, steps for new tops to take when learning to play, methods to reinforce 24/7 power exchange relationships”
LoneStar Leather – unknown present,
Houstonian Primals – Oct 1st steak night 6 present, and Oct 17th munch, 10 present, “types of primal punishment”
Houston Babygirls, Littles & Pets – no events until January

Newcomer’s Report
Oct 5th – 3 new members present
Oct 16th – 13 new members present
Nov 2nd – 12 new members present

Charity Report
October’s Charity was Houston Food Bank. We collected $175 in cash donations and numerous bags of items to donate to this worthy cause. We will deliver the items to them and posted a picture on the Board profile.

November’s charity will be Toys For Tots. The money collected will be used to purchase items requested by the organization. We will purchase the items and get them delivered to the charity in the HPEP’s name.

Head DM Report
64 people present
A woman kept interrupting a scene. She was notified that she needed to step back and because of her suspected intoxication, she did not heed warning. DM on shift, notified Head DM and the woman was gone before she could was asked to leave.
Supplies in the first aid box will be reviewed for upcoming expiration dates and out of stock items.

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance: $5702.79
Bills: $260.00
Deposits: $140.00
Final Balance: $5582.32

Old Business
1) HCC Meeting Recap – Willing84

Schedule will be:
Thursday registration – Ripcord
Friday registration – Tony’s
Saturday brunch – Tony’s
Saturday dinner – Neon Boots
Sunday Show of Shows – Ripcord

Ads are due by January

Pin and theme will be revealed on Saturday, Nov 12th

T-Shirts – Host is a heather navy color
Souvenir is a dark heather color

We will ask for the first hour of reception time on Thursday at Ripcord, registration on Friday at Tony’s and participate in Saturday and Sunday events.

2) Newcomer’s Book

The blurb for the new Babygirl, Little and Pets group needs to be added and then formatted for print. Will be done by next board meeting and ready for print going forward.

3) Resignation of Kinky_Cajun & New Officer Positions
With Kinky_Cajun’s resignation, his name needed to be removed from all official correspondence, bank, DBA and other items pertaining to HPEP.

*DBA – Luluann offered to meet at the Harris County Clerk tomorrow. KC agreed.

*Bank – KC was removed from the bank immediately, card cancelled and removed from the bank statement. aide-de-camp is the 2nd signer on the account and will be getting a debit card for the HPEP account.

*.org – KC was removed from the board email, the email account and all moderator positions. All login information was changed. Moh13 will now be the senior administrator on the .org to correspond with his role as Webmaster.

*Fet – password was changed. Group officers were updated and his personal account was removed as a moderator

New Business
1) LUEY 2017

Tabled until December

1) Leather cross over event – HPEP & NLA

We will check with IHOP and other restaurants to work with us on a combined fundraiser event. Looking at Dec 3rd or Dec 11th, depending on restaurant. Willing84 will get with DaddyLloyd

More details will be covered via email

2) November Party Details
Walk through – Dominious
Food – VintageKinkyDoll, minnylynx & aide-de-camp
Ice – luluann
Drinks – luluann
Door – lulu and VKD
Close – Dominious & monsoon daddy
List – Willing84 and VKD

Board coverage for party:
7-12: LuluAnn & VintageKinkyDoll
8-1: Minnylynx & aide-de-camp
9-1: Willing84 & ReadyToPls

3) Party Hours

Last two months, we’ve had less than 5 people in the building (other than DrSam and board members/DMs) and we pay DrSam $30 for the hour of 1-2am. This is not beneficial to our parties because no one is playing.

Motion: Change the party hours to 8pm-1am, unless it’s a special event or previously stipulated. PASSED
Motion: Luluann
2nd: Willing84

4) HPEP Adventures

November will be wine tasting
December is Dickens on the Strand

We will begin pimping each event the week of. M-lulu, T-W84, W-ML, Th-adc, F-RtP, S-VKD

5) Christmas Vendor Event
November 19th @3-5pm. This will be at Midtown Bar & Grill, upstairs. Vendors will be allowed to setup at 2pm and must be torn down and out of the building by 6pm.

TheCowboy_ will be in charge of getting the 8 vendors and setup of the room on the 19th. A thread, event page and follow-up will be handled via Fet.


Meeting Closed
VintageKinkyDoll asked if any further business was to come before the board – none proposed.
VintageKinkyDoll closed the meeting at 6:54PM