This is a group for the DOMs, DOMMEs, Tops, Owners, Masters, Mistresses, Handlers, etc. for discussions and training on kink and relationships. If you need help or want to give advise this is the group to join. All discussions are to be discrete. We welcome all levels of experience and encourage you to respond and ask questions at the events and also through the treads.

No bottoms, subs, etc allowed. Switches are welcome but must be in top mode at the events. There is no such thing as stupid question. This is a group to encourage growth. Any rudeness will result with one warning and then you will be blocked. NO DRAMA please.

No solicitations for relationships, scenes or product.

Restricted to: DOMs, DOMMEs, Masters, Mistresses, etc

We meet the first Monday of every month.  For more information, contact Niho_Mano or Strappednloaded.