HPEP SIGs (aka Special Interest Groups)

What is a SIG?

SIG stands for Special Interest Group…SIGs are HPEP’s additional outreach groups that focus on a niche or topic within the vast array of kink in general to help members explore that aspect of their fetish and learn from each other. Some have come and gone and some are currently still active, and new ones are being added as soon as someone volunteers to lead them.

Where they are held?

In the old days the SIGs all met at that group’s leader’s home. This meant every person interested had to email the host/hostess and let them get to know them a little/vet them before allowing anyone there. After all, it is in their home and they need to be sure the folks are trustworthy to be there. This is damn difficult when you are new and don’t have any references.

Though we still have one or two SIGs that do this, we are now strongly encouraging new and future SIGs to meet in a public venue such as a restaurant, coffee shop, etc. We found that by moving the meetings out of someone’s home allowed the vetting process could be lowered. Some current ones have not been able make the move because of various reasons, but we intend for the new and future SIGs to comply with this, as much as possible.

What SIGS do we currently offer?

•HELL – Houston Erotic Literature Lovers – the contact person is MWvixen. This is a movie and sometimes book club that is possible the longest CONTINUALLY running group in the history of HPEP. For their current plans, please join their Fetlife group Hell Here

•The Switches SIG is lead by Harmonyta and Electra-. This is a special interest group (SIG) for people who identify as Switches. Topics are about your experiences as a switch, how it affects your relationships, difficulties, dynamics etc. Munches are the 2nd Sunday of the month from 3-5pm. Check out their group Switches

•Top of the Slash Kinsters TSK run by Strapednloaded. This is a group for the DOMs, DOMMEs, Tops, Owners, Masters, Mistresses, Handlers, etc. for discussions and training on kink and relationships. If you need help or want to give advise this is the group to join. All discussions are to be discrete. We welcome all levels of experience and encourage you to respond and ask questions at the events and also through the threads.TSK

•HPEP Sub Support Sig run by MsAnnsBabygirl and aide-de-camp is an online and real time support group for anyone who identifies as a submissive. We are here to support and educate everyone on the bottom side of the slash, so we can all grow in our journey. For more info go to SSG

Who can join?

Anyone who has an interest AND has attended at least one welcome munch or another event (such as coffee or a party). [level of vetting depends on location for the SIG]

PLEASE contact all SIG leaders for more details information about dates, times and locations